Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Opposite Of Love

A philosopher said that hate is not the opposite of love. hating your ex doesn't mean that you don't love him anymore. The fact that you're giving him such intense emotions means that he has an effect on you and he is still worth your attention.

Apathy is the opposite of love. You can only say you've fallen out of love when you no longer care what he says or does.

So, how can you stop love? Unfortunately, you can't. Love dies on its own. you'd just wake up one day and realize you're over him. Don't suppress and it will come naturally.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Cannot Connect With Sync?!

Chapter I... I Know I haven't been around much as I used to. Well simply I've been so busy with training in my new job. "Super fucking career shift to the Nth level". Before I could never imagine myself working for a "Call Center!" But you know what?! I have to say this, its not easy to work in a call center. Too much demands, way too much... Hello?! after two months of training long ours on the phone resolving issues, I could not even imagine I can...
My first and a half months at work was exciting. Orientation was interesting... It was three days of attitude, confidence, owning the company, what is the company, who is the company, etc. etc.
Chapter II... Was "Pre-process" Hmmm this was fun... It was English only policy, I can live with that! It was just like going back to school taking English 101 with Jason our fabulous trainer. Learning about the Italian A's and ahh's. Passed the exams the mock calls and I even danced the Conga! when we lost the games hehehe...
Chapter III... Was "Product Training" first day was relaxed. I guess the trainer Jeff was feeling the class. The second day we had a quiz, but the third day... Oh my gosh honey it was like super dooper information overload as in "FATAL" I felt like I was having a nose bleed. Imagine shoving all computer information, info's about email, kinds of modems, routers, yahoo issues, the connection from the server to the DSLAM, the status of the modem lights, kinds operating systems, browsers, ipconfig, connection problem in "General". Honey too many to mention... All of these I learned at product training... In fairness I met someone during our charades with "wave 12" Badong what an ER name. Well as usual I asked him for his number. Hey you know me?!...
Chapter IV... was a week with James at nesting... I admit it I over reacted and gave so much bad attitude towards the trainer... Hello he was so annoying that he always asks questions about sync and authentication, and even embarrassed me in front of the class. I was not really feeling well that night, I was actually feeling like I was getting down on something. The next day I was really feeling sick I mean having fever. I called the attendance hot line called in sick... But then I figured if I skip one day I would be joining the next class.
Fine!!! I got up and went to work with a fever... It was time for class and James was in the mood for recitation of course I was his apple of the eye. He asked me a question about "Sync and Authentication" I answered but could not explain further. He kept on giving me problems about "Cannot connect with sync using a 2 wire modem!" over and over until I snapped and "STOP this is me?! Can I go out for a while?!" I was so pissed off felt like if I didn't say that I will say awful things about him being a homophobic homo! Walk out of class took a walk and spoke to Jelly my team leader friend it was a sudden burst of emotion.
After a few minutes went back to class feeling OK and less irritated James did not asked me anymore questions... I know he was just doing his job. He called for a 20 minute break. During break I saw James sitting at Starbucks smoking... I asked Paolo, "Do you think I should talk to James about what happened earlier?" Paolo said "Nah do it next time". But then I said to myself I have to resolve this issue. Confidently I came up to him and said. "Hi James, I'm sorry on how I acted earlier." It was uncalled for... I explained my side, he explained his. At least now he knows how stressed I am and he respects me now.
Just A Commercial Break... Much to my surprice before going home, I met up with Badong at the elevator. I just smiled at him and said my usual Hello's. As soon as I got off he went ahead of me. I walked out of the building took a cigarette from my bag and went outside the lobby. Well I saw him talking to his collegue hmmm. As usual I needed to smoke 1st and chit chat with collegues before I proceed home. When I was going to give him a glance he came up to me and said: "Charles... Hindi mo naman ako tinetxt eh?! Not even once! (Charles... How come your not texting me?) I said: "Hello I always do your the one who doesn't text. Isn't this your number?!" I showed him my phone. He said: "You got the last number wrong?!" He corrected it. and I said OK thanks see you around. Kilig factor?!
Going back anyway, where was I? Our last two days with James was actually stressful... We already took real calls. All of my calls where shitty... When I say shitty it means really bad... But then business as usual. I hated doing the calls I didn't really like it at first but I just have to get used to it. Our last day with James was actually just the introduction part informational and part actual of the real training.
Another Commercial Break... One day I was doing my laundry at Nebs apartment. Because we went to tagaytay for dinner and went back to manila the same night on the way to tagaytay I was texting Badong about thoughts of him hehehe. He replied and said he was watching a movie with a friend. Fine... When we came back from Tagaytay I texted him to let he know I am back... He replied back but unfortunately I've already fallen a sleep. The next day I was actually doing my laundry. Anyway he asked me If I had plans for tonight I said not really then he asked me to watch a movie to see Harry Potter ahhh Hmmmm... I dont know what to say... OK lets watch a movie so we did... Kilig Factor... He picked me up at 7:30pm we had dinner and then coffee and then to Malate then back to CGS. It was so much fun... *Giggles...
Chapter V... with the SME's from India... Chirag, Afgan, Mortaza and Naval. Our foreign trainors for "Extended Nesting" Three weeks of calls and up training. Chirag looked like "Doding Daga" every time there was a discussion or in call center term "Up-training" Charlie and I would always have our giggles at the back bench of the class. He never really stayed with us because he was transferred to wave 14.
Afgan was OK... Indians? I guess they like gay people constantly flirting but cheap in many ways. I learned so much from Afgan... Hello?! before I hated taking calls... Now I am actually addicted to it. hahaha Imagine that. Before I always throw shade at people talking about modems during break. Now I am the first one to actually talk about it. hehehe Naval and Mortaza... the I1 and I2. Always together... Naval was really nice and patient. He trained me all the way. It took me 7 QA's (Quality Assurance) before I actually passed.
Last Commercial Break... I went to the office early because I was going to meet Neil at Starbucks. Then fine I thought about Badong... I got him something from Starbucks a Turkey sandwich and a double chocolate chip cookie for his lunch break... Sweet?! I gave it to him when he got in... He said Awww thank you... Hey lets have lunch later ok?
OK he asked me out for lunch that's nice... 3am it was time for lunch. I was actually going to take my lunch. I texted him and said "Hey do you want to have lunch now?" He replied and said in 30mins". So I said ok I guess I'll take another call. So I did took a call... The call lasted more than 30mins. Oh shit! Badong texted me and said he was going to take his lunch and we'll see each other at Starbucks... I finished my call and there was just 15mins left to his break and he had to go back to work... Completely Flattering... He actually waited for me to go down and he was also willing to wait for me till I finished my meal. *Sigh...
Tonight I will be in production... In the real world no more Up-Training, no more last calls, and definitely no more call avoidance's. Tonight is actually my 1st day as a real "AT&T Technical Support Agent". Wish me luck?!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just a Thought...

worry wastes your precious time,
resentment destroys your effectiveness
and anxiety drains your energy. a
peaceful mind, on the other hand, puts
you firmly in control and out of the
reach of the world's negative distractions.

empty your mind of the stressful
thoughts and peace will fill the space
left behind.