Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Friend Is Sinking.

Sitting here unaccompanied, concerned and not knowing what to do. 
Should I attempt to save you, what have I got to prove? 
I’ve already waded my way through a life packed with addicts. 
Can I live through one more? Through all the pain you inflict? 
Lives have been lost. People I loved, trusted, and admired. 
All lost in addictions, what all has transpired? 
You forget your friends, and family that care. 
All you care about is drinking and dancing while flipping you hair. 
When you see video of you entoxicated you think it's funny and laugh with glee.

All the while the rest of us are hoping you can just f***ing see! 
See how you are, the way you act! 
You act like a moron and physically attack. 
How can you continue when you almost lost me as a friend? 
I guess 10 years mean nothing when you get to the bottles end. 
Why do what you’ve said you would? Acid is so much more fun! 
I can’t go on watching you drown, maybe the addictions already won. 
What should I do? Should I cut my losses? Just walk away? 
If I asked you to stop to save our friendship what would you say? 
Would you tell me it’s you life and to go to hell? 
Would you see you need help or just f***ing bail? 
I’m at my wits end; I can’t even answer your call. 
The drugs and bottle have got you enthrall. 
What do I do, dear God what can I do? 
When you see a friend drowning and are unable to rescue.


Like beacons in the darkness
We must all stand alone
Waiting for the sunrise
That will lead us on our journey
As we take the path home

The dawning of a new day
Brings us to a new
A journey on a new path
And this is where I come to you

As friends on the path of life
Our lives will twist and turn
Although we may separate
It's only time until we turn
And meet again

So sweet
So innocent and pure
All because of you