Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's all about August...

It has been a long time since I wrote my last blog well so far it has been ages. I have been very busy with my work at Accenture, too busy listening to dumb Americans who couldn't connect to the internet. 

Let me start with my monthly update beginning last May of this year. May 24th 2008 was my first year at Accenture. 

Followed by my first hospitalization due to kidney stones on the that same week. June was the beginning of something big... June 13, 2008 was my interview for the U. S. Embassy as an immigrant, it went well by the way. 

July was the month that I was so busy at work that I have never had time to party. 

August, yes August the birthday month was spectacular. My birthday at Government was the best partee to the maximum level hahaha too bad some of my friends weren't there. 2nd week of August I think and It was a Sunday I collapsed due to over partee and as well as stress. I had a bad fall, I hurt my back went to therapy for a week then after that... Hey life must go on Partee On! 

 The last day of August was Madonnathon I had dinner for the first time with a very good friend of mine together with his friends and later with his honeypoo Eric. Partee was is crisis because of drug bust sometime that probably on the third week. Well the good thing a close friend was a savior. Bought five pieces, three I sold to a friend for whatever its worth hehehe... But of course two I kept for myself. 

Red and Eric dropped me off at Government sooo sweet! "Thanks Guys!" Two of my friends where already there looking like vultures waiting for their prey hehehe... Okay so I said shall we? They said; We shall!!! perfect timing the party has already started. So they already got there's and I have mine. Then we parted ways and get on with the event.

That same night we, Jhon, Ana, Johnny were seated at the ground floor lounge near the smoking area. I looked to my right... Much to my surprise... This person... Wait... I know him... He stared back and smiled... That sweet smile... He came up to me and said: "Hey! It has been a long time? How are you?"... Hello?! of course I said: "I'm great?! Never been better! It's so nice to see you again! Who are you with?" He said: "I'm with a friend." I said: Who?! Where?... Then I saw Martin. Okay... with my right brow up! 

Shit... he's so cute! He's chinese, but definately not an ER! Hmmm interesting... We exchanged numbers then... he licked my ear... "That's weird?" Is that how you pick up a girl now a days by licking their ear! Well I guess he knew that I felt really uncomfortable that he decided to step down and had drinks with Martin.

After a few... I went to the smoking room to smoke a cigarette... By the way his name was Patrick! anyway going back went to the smoking room to smoke a cigarette... I saw Patrick topless, drunk and was a mess... When he saw me he came up to me and said: "Somebody took my shirt! How can I go home?"... Martin said: "Napagtripan Yata?!" Of course me... Speechless... What will I do? Awww haay How can I help? I said all I can do is when the partee is over I'll help you look for your shirt okay... Next thing I knew I've forgot about it went home and slept the whole day.

August 31, 2008 9ish in the evening I was home reading all my online thingies... I suddenly thought about Patrick... Whatever happened to him? Who did he went home with? I felt like there was a big neon question mark on top of my head! Helloow what was I thinking, he is with Martin.. 

I couldn't help myself then I finally did... I texted him:

Charles: Hi Patrick! I just thought about you. How are you?
Patrick: Just woke up! I'm sorry I left without even saying goodbye I was so drunk!
Charles: That's okay I went home was so wasted! So did you ever find your shirt?
Patrick: No, I never did. I'm sorry I acted stupid last night! 
Charles: No you didn't you where just drunk! And I understand that people do fooling things when they're drunk. :)
Patrick: Hehehe Hey If ever that you want to go out Im free every Saturdays and Sundays.
Charles: I'll take note of that.

At least he had the courage to say that "He really looked stupid that night"... But then stupid is not the word that best describes his actions... "It was more as being silly!" 

 September 4th Thursday night I was on the way to work I thought of texting him my hi's and hello's... Never really got the chance to do a little small talk. He replied saying that he was on his way to work... Including the address and the company where he works for... is that like a calling?! Hey both of us works in a Call Center in the same location but different stations. Mine was Boni. His was Edsa Central. 

Friday night I texted him again inviting him for a party at Government on the 13th for one love one family its a client appreciations night. Of course I have to be there. Okay so I invited him... Unfortunately he can't because its his birthday and he is celebrating it at Galera. Then he said he'll just be at Government on Saturday with friends but then I couldn't. Because I had to do a Rest day over time for three hours at the office since I said I can make it! I went to the office and then took a three hour O. T. Then went straight to Government and then eventually met him and his friend there. Diba hindi nakatiis!

That was actually last night! Jhon gave me partee as his belated gift just one because I really don't want to make the impression that I partee. He was really nice to talk to looked like he can carry a conversation really well. Never thought we had the same thought about the club scene. But then too bad he had to go back and forth for his friend. 3ish I already drank the pill... Met up with some old friends from Galera...  The owner of Zanzi Bar he bought me a drink, then another, and then another... I didn't really enjoyed my belated birthday pill. I guess too much to drink but then Patrick and his friend was actually just behind us. After that drinking session with Mr. Zanzi. Went over to Jhon because he was by the bar... Shit I felt like I drank one pitcher of Mindoro Sling all by myself. 

That time when I was beside Jhon looking so tipsy and all he came up to me and said: "I really want to get to know you more! I want to know what's on your mind". Well what can I say! Well I guess let's do that over dinner and some drinks this is when you're not busy! Diba Bitchyness...