Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'll Call Him Mr. Cookie...

Last saturday was Neb's event... Defiance. Neb was calling me already early in the morning to tell me that he will be checked inn at Travellers Inn at Makati Avenue. When I got home from work, took did my beauty rest and as soon as I woke up I SMS my friend Dj to meet me at greenbelt for some early bonding activity...

I woke up just in time for our meeting at Greenbelt we decided to meet at Greenbelt 3 between Lacoste and Prima Linea met each other and just decided to have a drink at CENA located at the Greenbelt II strip. I SMS Mr. Mister if he wanted to have a drink with us...

Well he said yes and he'll be coming with his friend Odj... We've already had too much to drink... That was about an 30 mins. I texted again and asked how long is it going to be? He said 30 more minutes... We all know I am not in to the waiting game... I always make it to a point to come on time or at least 10 mins early...

They came at exactly 10:30ish... Much to my surprise Mr. Mister or better yet Mr. Cookie looked really raveshing... He gained a few extra pounds at least he doesn't look dry unlike before when the last time I saw him... There was a certain glow on his face and he kept on smiling. Haay...

After a few... He said he had to go and fetch his friend at glorietta because she's going to watch with us for nebs performance... Okay go ahead, be careful I said... hehehe sweet diba!!! 15mins. has passsed and then he came with his friend. Introduced us all switched tables and we sat across from each other.

He was chatting with his friend and I was chatting with Dj and while doing that we couldnt stop gazing at each others eyes... He is amaizing... A guy who speaks fluent english, very adaptable in any social settings, sweet, caring, thoughtful and funny a kind of person I can be with... Is this for real?!

An SMS came and distracted my thoughts about Mr. Cookie...

Completely distracted my thoughts about Mr. Cookie... Oh well the sms msg. was about Neb msging about going to gov already... I then told them that it was time to go to gov. We paid the bill and eventually took a cab to the club... We stayed outside to mingle with the people who were already there. All of our friends are there already... By the time Mr. Cookie asked me to come with him inside I went ahead.

Inside gov of course I got myself a my favorite drink very refreshing... They ordered a pitcher I didnt really want to partake with there thingy since Im still gadging his lady friend... Well to me she was not all that because she looked like she was really culture shock because she hasn't been to an all gay club in her life. While on the dance floor I was chatting with my dynasty friends. I decided to get some partee, asked Wendel for it he said he'll give it to me in the restroom. Wendel went ahead and by the time I'm actually on my way there Mr. Cookie said:

Mr. Cookie: Where you going?
Charles: C. R.
Mr. Cookie: Why?
Charles: I'm going to take a leak.
Mr. Cookie: Okay balik ka kaagad ha!
Charles: Yes I will!

Deep inside... Ano ba yun?! Haay... After getting the partee went back then he said they're going to the smoking room to smoke. So I said "Sige I'll follow!"...

At the smoking room... Smoking and drinking then Dj came and said: "Ate torva ka ba?" I nodded and said yes!" Then he said: "Nakabili kana?" Pasabay naman!... Told him to get from Reinier and then he did. When he already has his... I asked Cookie if he wanted to drop he said he doesn't like to because he's staying away from it.

Mr. Cookie: Bakit bumili ka ng partee no?!
Charles: Oo... Binili kita just in case gusto mo!
Mr. Cookie: Ayoko! Diba pinagusapan nanatin yan!
Charles: Oo sabi mo ayaw mo pumartee before pero you said last na itong defiance!
Mr. Cookie: Oo pero I changed my mind!
Charles: Okay lang ba sayo na pumartee ako with Dj?! Okay din lang kung ayaw mo!
Mr. Cookie: Okay lang pero sana maisip mo madami ka mabibili kung hindi ka mag gaganyan! Sige go lang my eyes are on you! Be good...

"Be Good Ka jan?!" Heller?...

The whole night was spent together... Everywhere I went he always has a question on where am I going? etc. etc.

When it was time to go... I asked him to come to Nebs in house.

Mr. Cookie: Im sorry sweetie but Im trying to stay away from the scene...
Mr. Cookie to Odj: Odj please dont leave Charles alone... Bantayan mo siya. Wag mo sya iwanan.
Odj: I promise

He then left and we said our goodbyes. On the way to travellers...

Charles: Odj its okay I can take care of myself. If you want to go its okay...
Odj: I made a promise and I cant leave you till you go home. Mabuti na yung ganto, tsaka gusto ko rin naman makita si Neb.

On travellers during in house... odj was just sitting there miggling with the guys who are there. He didn't really left me alone. in fact he even slept over.

Morning came and then I was already planning to leave I then told Odj to go home because I will be going soon. Because I have a dinner engagement with the Dynasty. He went home then I told him to kiss him for me. I went home at 4:00pm 30 mins. After he left. As soon as I got home, took a shower and went to bed and woke up at 8pm and went back to Makati to have dinner with the Dynasty.


Spent the whole day sleeping... Woke up in the evening... Mr. Cookie SMS:

Mr. Cookie: What time did you go home?
Charles: Few minutes after Odj did. why?
Mr. Cookie: Where you able to get some rest? What time is your work tomorrow?
Charles: 10:30pm
Mr. Cookie: Okay... Enjoy the rest of your evening rest well.

*** Written during work at 22.59B

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ACCS Accenture Delivery Center in Manila
Philippines 22F Cybergate Tower2,
Pioneer Street cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong City
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy thoughts...

Thank you for what?

Monday, October 1, 2007

He Calls Me Ms. Munsi...

Last Wednesday I was just at home watching "Feels Like Heaven" at HBO then suddenly someone or should I just hide him as Mr. Mister texted me, asking me if I wanted to watch a movie and hang out... You know bonding moments.

I texted back and said:

Charles: "Ah okay what do you have in mind?"
Mr. Mister: "Is 2:00pm good time?" "Rockwell or Greenbelt?"
Charles: "2:30 is nice!"
Mr. Mister: "Great!!! See you soon".

After that SMS conversation... Thinking I have 2.5 hours to prepare. I got up and went straight for the bathroom and took a hot shower and did my usual rituals. 30 minutes has passed went back to my room lowered the volume of my T.V and played a music instead.

Dressed up and ready to go I checked my watch another SMS came:

Mr. Mister: "I'm on my way now! See you!"
Charles: "Me too."
Mr. Mister: "Oh okay we can meet early... I'll be at Glorietta do you want to meet there instead?"
Charles: "Alright?! I'll text you when I'm there okay?"
Mr. Mister: "Okay".

Gosh it felt like summer it was like super hot. Got a cab just in time but unfortunately the cab driver I got was a little grumpy because I told him I am going to Makati. He dropped me off at Robinson's Place. I went inside the mall instead of walking through Adriatico Street at 2pm. I went out at the Pedro Gil exit and took a cab there.

While in the cab: "Manong Glorietta3 sa may Fridays". Another SMS

Mr. Mister: "Resident Evil is on... Do you want me to buy tickets?"
Charles: Don't buy tickets yet I'm near."

Hehehe I'm near... I was still in Buendia that time...

Mr. Mister: "I'll be at timezone okay?"
Charles: "Alrighty I'm almost there."

Hehehe I was actually at Ayala Avenue near Shangri-la... It was raining went down at Glorietta 2. Walking towards G4... and it was already 2:45pm.

Mr. Mister: "San kana?"
Charles: "I'm here at bibliarch!"

After 15minutes another SMS.

Mr. Mister: "Asan kana?"... I ran out of load I needed to find a loading station... By the time I reloaded another SMS came saying:

Mr. Mister: "I'm here at timezone"
Mr. Mister: "Ay gumaganti?!"
Charles: "I'm just around you okay!"
Mr. Mister: "Gumaganti!"
Charles: "I'm not like you!"

The nerve so he still remembered what he did a few months ago... when he stood me up for coffee.. This was actually during Madonnathon. I was already in front of timezone. Well honey I don't go to timezone since I am now a full grown voman.

Charles: "I'm in front of timezone near muscle beach."
Mr. Mister: "Gumaganti kalang... Makauwi na nga!"
Charles: "I'm here near Tater's!"

My blood came rushing up my head... Talking to myself Tangina! You mean I went to G4 for nothing... I was super annoyed not annoyed, irritated. Oops irritated was not the word for that furious was actually the perfect word. I went down the escalator and walking near People are People I felt like I was going to burst in flames.

Mr. Mister: "Nandito ako sa Tater's nasan kaba?"

Okay... Fine... So... I went back... I was back to the same escalator going up the movie house.

Charles: "I'm here in front of Timezone!"
Mr. Mister: "Wala ka naman eh!"
Charles: "Naiinis na ako as in!!!"
Mr. Mister: "Eh nandito ako sa Timezone eh!"

I was super Grrrrrr... When I stepped back there he was...

Mr. Mister: San ka ba?
Charles: I just had to say this to you?! Sobrang naasar ako kasi I was already here kanina when you said na gumaganti ako at umuwi ka na...
Mr. Mister: Naubos yung batt ng cell ko. So I had to go to the lounge to charge my cell.
Charles: I see...
Mr. Mister: So what movie do you want to see...
Charles: Anything...
Mr. Mister: Uy sorry ha...
Charles: It's okay... it's okay...
Mr. Mister: Let's watch "Resident Evil" it's the best movie in America!
Charles: But its so action... You know killing, death, guns... I don't like too much action.
Mr. Mister: Come on... It's nice its by Mila Jovovich...
Charles: Okay lets go...

We went then and bought tickets... I was about to reach for my wallet and then he said he'll pay for it. Alrighty then so we have 1 hour and 45 minutes to waste.

Mr. Mister: Do you want to drink something or... I know ice cream?!
Charles: Ah great sige.

Shit I thought about ice cream dairy makes me gassy... So I said "tataba ako?!" then he said "Whats a few calories?" I then said Hello I have a deadline... "I'm having lemonade instead.

We went out for a smoke near Starbucks... While I was there... We did our small talks... You know like:... How are you? How's your work? When are your offs?... Blah blah blah... After the cigarette break he goes.. "Hey do you want to drink?"

Charles: Alcohol?
Mr. Mister: Yup!
Charles: Where?
Mr. Mister: @ Fridays.
Charles: Well I'm going to Government later for Dj's thingy... Aren't you going?
Mr. Mister: Yeah I am we'll go together.

Walking to Friday's we both sat at the bar...

Waiter: What can I get for you guys?
Mr. Mister: What do you want to drink?
Charles: Vodka Redbull.
Mr. Mister: I'll have 1 white russian and a vodka redbull.
Mr. Mister: Oh great... Its basket ball I like to watch this... I'm a lasalite? are you a Lasalite or an Atenean?
Charles: I'm neither of the two...
Mr. Mister: Oh where did you go?
Charles: I went to Fordham
Mr. Mister: I see... Do you like sports?
Charles: Yes but not basketball. Swimming is nice...
Mr. Mister: So are you performing at the black and white ball?
Charles: Yup... And I haven't memorized it yet.
Mr. Mister: What about the thing your doing with Drake, how is that?
Charles: Not done yet.

Well it was time for the movie... After our drinking thingy... We went to watch the movie... The movie was great. I didn't expect that I was actually going to like it. After the movie he asked me to do to timezone to play I said. "Go ahead play I'll just watch" he said: "Huh? why?" Well I'm not into playing video games I'm boring well I said to him "One of my friends told me that I live a boring life" because I have no love life, and I don't go out during the day.

Mr. Mister: You're not boring!
Mr. Mister: Look I'm more older than you...
Mr. Mister: I'm 32 years old! how old are you?
Charles: I'm older than you!
Mr. Mister: I don't believe you?
Charles: Look I'm 33years old. Old enough but I'm just gifted with youth...
Mr. Mister: You look like your in your late 20's
Charles: Told you I was gifted with youth...

Anyway we played air hockey... of course he won. Then we played bowling... Of course I won. Then we did the truck raise, sports car, then the gun game... That was fun. I've never done that for more than 10 years.

After timezone... We went to an internet cafe because he needed to send something thru email or whatever... An acquaintance was there "Besos".

Acquaintance: Hi Charles... I haven't seen you in a long time! How are you?
Charles: Oh Hello! I'm great
Mr. Mister to Charles: So what do you like to drink?
Charles to Mr. Mister: Anything!
Mr. Mister to Charles: I was taught by my parents to say something anything like juice, coffee, or tea if being asked...
Charles to Mr. Mister: Oops sorry... I don't want to drink anything.
Mr. Mister to Charles: Please drink something...
Charles to Mr. Mister: Fine coffee.

Waitress: Mocha or Vanilla
Charles: Mocha

Acquaintance: It looks like your sizing him.
Charles: Sizing who?
Acquaintance: Him?!
Charles: Who? Oh Mr. Mister?... No I wasn't! He's a good friend of mine...
Mr. Mister: How can he size me up! I'm not even Charles's type!

The Guy looked at me with malice then I said: Nahh! Then he left then I went back to where I was seatted.

Charles: What did you meant by what you said with that guy?
Mr. Mister: Why are you asking me that? Do you like me?
Charles: No?!
Mr. Mister: Hahaha No?!
Charles: No?!
Mr. Mister: If you say no?! Why are you blushing?!
Charles: I'm not!
Mr. Mister: How would you know?!
Charles: I know!

Then I went out side to make a call Gosh... Went back inside... As I went back he was going to pay already then I pulled out my wallet again and then he said to the cashier no I'll pay this because I'm a gentleman... That was sweet.

While walking we talked about the insident a while ago about the in liking part. Once again he asked me "Do you like me?" I blushed again! and then I said no! I changed the topic then diverted it to something interesting hehehe... we then went to bread talk then went to his friends house to leave the rest of his stuff so that he doesn't have anything to bring while were at gov.

We got to Gov at exactly 10pm for the "Wanna Be VIP" thingy. I was with Josh and his boyfriend Vince talking at the bar... Then he came and introduced me to some of his friends. The night was long and drugless hehehe but of course since Mamita is spinning I have to have a joint to spare.

I got so drunk drinking with Vince, and Jhon. I called Mr. Mister so we can smoke it together... Well we did... after a few hours he was gone... Henry invited me for congee at North Park with Dj, and Jhon... We did that... On the way home Henry dropped me off.

Next Day... Friday... and then Saturday... I was on medical leave... It was Dj's Party at Travellers... I went there after a Doctor's appointment. It was one hell of a party...

Mr. Mister: I need to tell you something! But I need to contemplate on it before I tell you!
Charles: Oh okay... Why am I going to wait till later you can tell me now?
Mr. Mister: I want to tell it to you later because I need time to contemplate on things...

That's weird but I just played like nothing happened...

Charles: Okay whats wrong with telling me now instead of later?
Mr. Mister: You know what your so good with mind games?! But you cant do it with me!
Charles: Huh? What do you mean mind games? Hello its not a game?!
Mr. Mister: Ang galing mo sa ganyan!
Charles: Okay... if you don't want to tell me you can whisper it to me?!
Mr. Mister: See... That's what I'm talking about...
Charles: Talking about what?!
Mr. Mister: Please...

So I did my socializing with all of his friends... A little later Wiley came, then Henry and then Jhon... Then I had to go home to change...

After a few... I went back to the hotel just to let them know that I was back...

Mr. Mister: "Asan kana? Wala kang pasok tapos wala ka dito? You don't love me anymore? No more hamburger party! Henry"

That was a distress signal from motherrrr... So went to government saw everybody said my Hi's and Hello's... So some of my tweeking close friends... but then another SMS from Marriah: "What did Delia take!" I said nothing just Vodka redbull then another SMS from Orange asking me the same thing? I SMS back and said "Why whats wrong tell me?" Orange said: Delia was in a seizure.

OMG what a way to destroy the GVness... So then went back at the hotel...

At travellers... It was dark... I was actually on the way to peaking... When they opened the door... It was Wiley Hello... Hello... of course in house galore... I went inside the room asking for Delia... He was sound a sleep. An hour later one by one left... Then Jhon and Charles came stayed for 30minutes then Jhon told me asked me do you want to come with us at Charles I said: "No thanks but thanks anyway for the invitation I'll see you guys later when they check out".

It was just me and him now... The rest are in the room...

Charles: "I said so can you tell me what you want to tell me now?"
Mr. Mister: Are you sure... Baka maBV ka?
Charles: Okay lang?!

He told me everything that needed to tell me... It was actually too personal to be written here so I wont.

Mr. Mister: Seryoso ka
Charles: Oo sige mula ngayun seseryosohin na kita?
Mr. Mister: Wag mo sakin sabihin yan chemical lang yan...
Charles: Huh? What do you think of me?
Mr. Mister: Bakit nung sinabi mo sa G4 sabi mo you dont like me!

I went to the restroom and when I was out I said:

Charles: "What if I do?"
Mr. Mister: Well what if I said that's great but too soon!
Mr. Mister: I'll see more of you...
Charles: Whatever!

I was so speachless... Mr. Mister said "Lets have lunch at North Park."

At North Park... I didn't want to sit beside him but then he sat beside Delia who was in front of me. Mr. Mister said: "Order what you like its my treat!" "Charles what do you like to drink?" I said lemonade. While seated on a table I was trickling my bag as if doing something because I didn't want to be caught off guard. Pulled out my cellphone and was texting Jhon to say that We've just checked out and no where to go. I guess that time we were both texting...

Delia: Sino ba tinetext nyong dalawa... Parang magkalapit lang tinetxt nyo!
Mr. Mister: Alam mo meron akong friend na para makatakas siya sa mga tanong ko kung ano ano ginagawa nya... kunyari titingin sa bag nya tapos magtetext para makaiwas lang sa mga tanong ko.
Charles: I was texting Henry and Jhon...
Mr. Mister: Bakit ikaw ba yun?
Charles: Alam mo meron akong friend kung ano ano tinatanong sakin eh sa wala ako masagot eh!!!

The whole lunch was very quiet... Because we sent messages to each other...

Mr. Mister: "Why did you say what if?"
Charles: "I was not sure what to say!"
Mr. Mister: ''Why did you say it? and why does it take you so long type what to say?"
Charles: "I had to feel everything I say!"
Mr. Mister: "Bakit kinikilig ka?!"
Charles: "Bakit ako kikiligin hello?! Akala mo lang yun!"
Mr. Mister: "Ang cute mo?!" "OOy kinikilig yan?!"
Charles: "Che?!"
Mr. Mister: "So you like me?!"
Charles: "Hmmm"
Mr. Mister: "Okay I guess it's time for me to back out!"

We finished eating... He said "Alam mo yung friend ko halos pareho sila ng ugali ng bestfriend niyang si Henry... Hindi consistent. Then I said... "Ah so hindi pala oh well..."

Mr. Mister: "So I'm backing out!"
Charles: "Oo na nga?!"
Mr. Mister: "So you like me!"
Mr. Mister: "Sayo na nang galing!"

He paid lunch then we all smoked outside North Park...

Charles to Mr. Mister: Does your friend makes you laugh?
Mr. Mister to Charles: Yes he does...

Mr. Mister: Yung Smile mo parang sumipsip lang ng kalamansi... Oy kinikilig!


Mr. Mister to Charles: Does your friend makes you laugh as well...
Charles to Mr. Mister: Yes he does...

I SMS Henry asking that if Dj, Drake, and Him can come to the hamburger party. Henry said yes... I told them about Henry's message... They said yes... I also called Charles that we have no where to go... We all went to Charles's at Plaza Hotel That's where we stayed. Mr. Mister went home to change but then he wasn't able to com... 6:30pm Henry was already texting us to come...

Jhon and I went ahead Charles will just bring Dj and Drake there with him since he's still taking a bath we went ahead because we needed to buy more ground beef, cheese, and wasabi. Went to rustans for that... I SMS Mr. Mister Henry's address so he can follow.

While waiting for them at Henry's house Mr. Mister texted.

Mr. Mister: "I'm sorry I wasn't able to follow at Charles's I fell asleep."
Charles: "Thats alright"...
Mr. Mister: "Where you now?" "Are you with the kids?"
Charles: "I'm on my way for jacuzzi downstairs." "The kids are coming with Charles."
Mr. Mister: "Wow thats nice?"
Mr. Mister: "What are you wearing?"
Charles: "Zon7 swim wear!"
Mr. Mister: "You cant wear that there?"
Charles: "Why can't I?" "My body is under contruction plus I'm confident!"
Mr. Mister: "Okay thats great!"
Charles: "Well you need to gain a little like atleast 5 lbs. so you to be fit and not look too dry hehehe." "So are you coming for dinner!"
Mr. Mister: "Ms. Munsi... I'll try but I'm really tired I need some rest."

After jacuzzi... Henry was already calling us for dinner... Drake, Charles, and Dj are already there then we all went up for dinner.

During dinner...

Mr. Mister: "What up?"
Charles: "Having dinner now!"
Mr. Mister: "Is that substatial?"
Charles: "Yes why?"

Finished dinner... and it was time for drinks... We has 3 bottles of wine... and a couple of mixed cocktails while watching Will & Grace...

Mr. Mister: "Umuwi ka na gabi na?" "Are you still with the Kids?"
Charles: "Yes I am... were just having drinks!" "Nakakahiya naman kay Henry gusto nya maginuman."
Mr. Mister: "Okay... Magpahinga kana!" "Tama na yan!"
Charles: "Sige I'll just finish this last Glass then we'll be going."
Mr. Mister: "Tigas ng ulo?! Hay!"

How demanding... After cocktails we all cleaned up and getting ready to leave... We all did our chores like we always do...

Mr. Mister: "Magpayong ka at malakas ang ulan sa labas." "Text me when you're home."
Charles: "Were just wrapping up then home na!"
Mr. Mister: "Ingat pauwi!"

We said our goodbye's to Henry... then we all went down... One by one took a cab home...

Charles: "Im on my way home!"
Mr. Mister: "Good text me when your there okay!"

Got home... Took a hot shower... Then went to bed. Texted him and said "Im home." then he said "Good Nights and Sweet Dreams.