Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'll Call Him Mr. Cookie...

Last saturday was Neb's event... Defiance. Neb was calling me already early in the morning to tell me that he will be checked inn at Travellers Inn at Makati Avenue. When I got home from work, took did my beauty rest and as soon as I woke up I SMS my friend Dj to meet me at greenbelt for some early bonding activity...

I woke up just in time for our meeting at Greenbelt we decided to meet at Greenbelt 3 between Lacoste and Prima Linea met each other and just decided to have a drink at CENA located at the Greenbelt II strip. I SMS Mr. Mister if he wanted to have a drink with us...

Well he said yes and he'll be coming with his friend Odj... We've already had too much to drink... That was about an 30 mins. I texted again and asked how long is it going to be? He said 30 more minutes... We all know I am not in to the waiting game... I always make it to a point to come on time or at least 10 mins early...

They came at exactly 10:30ish... Much to my surprise Mr. Mister or better yet Mr. Cookie looked really raveshing... He gained a few extra pounds at least he doesn't look dry unlike before when the last time I saw him... There was a certain glow on his face and he kept on smiling. Haay...

After a few... He said he had to go and fetch his friend at glorietta because she's going to watch with us for nebs performance... Okay go ahead, be careful I said... hehehe sweet diba!!! 15mins. has passsed and then he came with his friend. Introduced us all switched tables and we sat across from each other.

He was chatting with his friend and I was chatting with Dj and while doing that we couldnt stop gazing at each others eyes... He is amaizing... A guy who speaks fluent english, very adaptable in any social settings, sweet, caring, thoughtful and funny a kind of person I can be with... Is this for real?!

An SMS came and distracted my thoughts about Mr. Cookie...

Completely distracted my thoughts about Mr. Cookie... Oh well the sms msg. was about Neb msging about going to gov already... I then told them that it was time to go to gov. We paid the bill and eventually took a cab to the club... We stayed outside to mingle with the people who were already there. All of our friends are there already... By the time Mr. Cookie asked me to come with him inside I went ahead.

Inside gov of course I got myself a my favorite drink very refreshing... They ordered a pitcher I didnt really want to partake with there thingy since Im still gadging his lady friend... Well to me she was not all that because she looked like she was really culture shock because she hasn't been to an all gay club in her life. While on the dance floor I was chatting with my dynasty friends. I decided to get some partee, asked Wendel for it he said he'll give it to me in the restroom. Wendel went ahead and by the time I'm actually on my way there Mr. Cookie said:

Mr. Cookie: Where you going?
Charles: C. R.
Mr. Cookie: Why?
Charles: I'm going to take a leak.
Mr. Cookie: Okay balik ka kaagad ha!
Charles: Yes I will!

Deep inside... Ano ba yun?! Haay... After getting the partee went back then he said they're going to the smoking room to smoke. So I said "Sige I'll follow!"...

At the smoking room... Smoking and drinking then Dj came and said: "Ate torva ka ba?" I nodded and said yes!" Then he said: "Nakabili kana?" Pasabay naman!... Told him to get from Reinier and then he did. When he already has his... I asked Cookie if he wanted to drop he said he doesn't like to because he's staying away from it.

Mr. Cookie: Bakit bumili ka ng partee no?!
Charles: Oo... Binili kita just in case gusto mo!
Mr. Cookie: Ayoko! Diba pinagusapan nanatin yan!
Charles: Oo sabi mo ayaw mo pumartee before pero you said last na itong defiance!
Mr. Cookie: Oo pero I changed my mind!
Charles: Okay lang ba sayo na pumartee ako with Dj?! Okay din lang kung ayaw mo!
Mr. Cookie: Okay lang pero sana maisip mo madami ka mabibili kung hindi ka mag gaganyan! Sige go lang my eyes are on you! Be good...

"Be Good Ka jan?!" Heller?...

The whole night was spent together... Everywhere I went he always has a question on where am I going? etc. etc.

When it was time to go... I asked him to come to Nebs in house.

Mr. Cookie: Im sorry sweetie but Im trying to stay away from the scene...
Mr. Cookie to Odj: Odj please dont leave Charles alone... Bantayan mo siya. Wag mo sya iwanan.
Odj: I promise

He then left and we said our goodbyes. On the way to travellers...

Charles: Odj its okay I can take care of myself. If you want to go its okay...
Odj: I made a promise and I cant leave you till you go home. Mabuti na yung ganto, tsaka gusto ko rin naman makita si Neb.

On travellers during in house... odj was just sitting there miggling with the guys who are there. He didn't really left me alone. in fact he even slept over.

Morning came and then I was already planning to leave I then told Odj to go home because I will be going soon. Because I have a dinner engagement with the Dynasty. He went home then I told him to kiss him for me. I went home at 4:00pm 30 mins. After he left. As soon as I got home, took a shower and went to bed and woke up at 8pm and went back to Makati to have dinner with the Dynasty.


Spent the whole day sleeping... Woke up in the evening... Mr. Cookie SMS:

Mr. Cookie: What time did you go home?
Charles: Few minutes after Odj did. why?
Mr. Cookie: Where you able to get some rest? What time is your work tomorrow?
Charles: 10:30pm
Mr. Cookie: Okay... Enjoy the rest of your evening rest well.

*** Written during work at 22.59B

Charles S. Baybay
ACCS Accenture Delivery Center in Manila
Philippines 22F Cybergate Tower2,
Pioneer Street cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong City
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MrDJ said...

very detailed blog... it was a fun night. miss you already friend.... see you in november.