Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Is Friendship to You?

What is friendship to you, my friend? Yes, you are my friend, and as such, I ask that you do these things for me:

If I ever feel like giving up, be there for me, and inject me with novocaine or morphine or love or something until the pain subsides.

If I’m ever angry at the world, Don’t take offense tothe hollow threats I hurlferociously at your heart because I mean nothing I say.

Hold my emotions in your hands and don’t drop my feeble heart from its current state of madness.

Cover these thoughts made of glass with bubble wrap, because their fragility leaves me hanging in the balance.

Lend me your shoulder, your strength, when the weight of the world becomes too heavy for me to bear.

Send me into my dreams with the idea that you’ll be there tomorrow if I need a third eye to see clearly, or a second opinion on life.

Don’t compromise the fate of the world and pull me back into happiness, when my thoughts become too ANTI-EVERYTHING.

Support me when I’m right, and criticize me when I’m wrong. Stay true to yourself, so that you do the same for others.

But above all, make the term “friend” seem like it means more than just a simple conversation and unkept promises.

Just don’t fail me now, like so many others have before you.

A New Dimension of Pissed Off

To You,

“This isn’t just goodbye, This is I can’t stand you.”

To think I wasted the time appreciating who you were and what you are, and what you refuse to be makes me sick.

Please excuse me for intruding on your life, thinking it was worth the time to try and chase you around with a crumbling heart and a hopeful eye.

Please excuse me for thinking you were attractive, that you don’t give yourself enough credit, that you weren’t just another face in the crowd.

Please excuse me for taking the time out of my day to go to your sporting events and cheer you on, or to attempt a meaningful conversation when it seemed to me you don’t have muchin your life that makes you happy.

Please excuse me for wanting to bethe guy to make you smile more, to make you feel better about yourself.

I can’t believe you would lie to me when I never did anything wrong to you. And right now, I wish I didn’t waste my time hoping you could accept me as your boyfriend.

Right now, you really don’t seem worth anyone’s time I don’t really mean any of this, but this blind rage you’ve put me in refuses to give you any leeway.

I’m sorry if I’ve offended you in this letter, and I hope someday you’ll understand why I’m so pissed and I hope someday you’ll remember what happened between us and I hope when you do that you won’t let it happen again.

I really don’t understand what made you do this, but right now, I don’t really care. And I’m not going to forgive you right now.

Thanks for not caring about my feelings, so that, now, I don’t have to care about yours.

Have a nice life.



The Merchant of Loneliness

Walking through a street one fine day with my dog Jaqui. I saw a small crowd gathered on the road side surrounding an eccentric peddler in tattered clothes who called himself the Merchant of Loneliness and as I approached, he began his speech again:

“Come, come, step right up, and hear the great offer which I lay before you today! I will give to you the greatest riches in the world, the best friendships, the greatest of supportive families, and even, for those who seek it, great power. I will give to you whatever you desire, and I will present all this to anyone willing only to lose the ability to gain love, so though you may burn so passionately for anyone, they will never return it. That is all I require in return, such a menial thing to give for such a grand offer. Who will agree to such a bargain?”

Murmurs arose in the mob around meas each individual considered the value of the deal but I did not trust their judgment (or lack thereof) for they knew not what they were accepting and, in an attempt to sway the general opinion, I stood next to this Merchant of Loneliness and said:
“It is a great scam this eccentric is running one which would satisfy the vain and proud, the greedy, the poor, and the power-hungry, all doubting the true value of their love. But he does not consider those who have accepted the deal without knowledge of their acceptance in the first place. In undeniable truth, I give you my word: he gives away material gain, but each of you, in return, receive ominous emotional loss.”

The crowd took heed of my words and dispersed, and the dastardly Merchant was left with me as his only disinterested customer and as he dejectedly gathered his “wares” I continued on with my chilling speech:

“My friend, I know not if you could fulfill your end of this bargain which you present but your customers are merely victims of their own persons, and you are merely the jester, left to take advantage of their useless greed. Forgive me for ruining your game. Their only faults are the greed which drives all, and the misconception of your offers.

“However, I am one of which I spoke,having accepted your offer without hearing it. For I already have all that I want: friends who’d do anything to help me, family who’d support all actions I take, a wealth of knowledge and skills to do anything and the greatest power: to make my own decisions. But they do not realize your offer is just that, and I know that many could not bearthe loneliness they would receive.

They could not live with the strain of ardent fires of passion burning the very core of their souls, then never possessing the power to purely profess their hopelessness to those who turn deaf ears to them. Often I wish I had the power to rescind the offer because there is no remedy for permanent loneliness and I would give away anything I have for this cold loneliness to end.”

Whispered Flatteries...

The taste of your skin lingers on my lips
as I watch you walk down the corridor
toward the bathroom, gracefully, freely, perfectly
in stride (though you said you were still in a little pain).

The cries of joy and ecstacy ring in my head,
your voice the sound track my beating heart
replaysover and over again. The passion burned
more fiercely with ever passing second, and the
foreplay was excellent.

Lips locked together, tongues sparring, hands exploring
without restriction, eyes closed, candles flickering,
and it was just me and you. Without a doubt it was
the best experience, the bed sheets flying around
as this love reached its peak.

Never had I been so in love with you, and never will
this new love fade away. I saw the subtle fire burning
in your eyes, I saw everything that is perfect,
that is divine in you, I saw how much I love you
come out in those flatteries I whispered into your ear,
and I saw that you understood the truth as you
whispered back into my ear.

“I will always love you.”