Thursday, September 13, 2007

Whispered Flatteries...

The taste of your skin lingers on my lips
as I watch you walk down the corridor
toward the bathroom, gracefully, freely, perfectly
in stride (though you said you were still in a little pain).

The cries of joy and ecstacy ring in my head,
your voice the sound track my beating heart
replaysover and over again. The passion burned
more fiercely with ever passing second, and the
foreplay was excellent.

Lips locked together, tongues sparring, hands exploring
without restriction, eyes closed, candles flickering,
and it was just me and you. Without a doubt it was
the best experience, the bed sheets flying around
as this love reached its peak.

Never had I been so in love with you, and never will
this new love fade away. I saw the subtle fire burning
in your eyes, I saw everything that is perfect,
that is divine in you, I saw how much I love you
come out in those flatteries I whispered into your ear,
and I saw that you understood the truth as you
whispered back into my ear.

“I will always love you.”

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