Sunday, December 31, 2006

At Home

After the interview I went to shop for my new years present for myself.. I got myself a pair of Shu Eumura SUPER FUCKING FIERCE!!! False Lashes and Lip Gloss, 2 Smokey eye shadow by MAC, Hair spray, a gerenium red lipstick by aido hehehe, and a Fanny Serano make-up Brush kit hehehe. This is for my event.
OOPS... Before I forget Im inviting to my show at the GOVERNMENT January 31, 2006 Prime time my set will be at 3:00am as usual. See You All There and LETs PARTEEE.

I Got It!..

I GOT THE JOB?!!.. I am now the new General Manager of Salon de Ken. That was easy I answered all the questions with confidence... I'll be starting on Wednesday so thats January 3, 2007.

12:00 Noon

This morning I got home at exactly 5:30am I fell asleep at 7:00am. 10:00am my alarm rang. It was time for me to get ready for my big interview for the salon. I thought about giving myself more time for sleep, so I did and woke up 11:00am. My alarm rang again and finally convinced myself to get ready. I went to my Mom's room to tell her that I am having a job interview for a Hair Salon... That part? It really didn't go well.. She was dissapointed. But Who care's atleast Im not jobless. BiAtCh!...

Saturday, December 30, 2006

My First In-House

I went to Benny Benassi LIVE in manila... Last Night. It was great but the music was too dark so we didn't really stayed long, but instead we went to Government. I was With Bam, Ian, Nico and Jojo. We were all waisted hahaha... I only stayed up to 4am because I have a job interview for Salon de Ken.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Last Xmas...

This was taken last Xmas, we had a xmas party together with the orange droppers. We all know I hate to go to Malate... Well I did. For the first time I went to "O" Bar this bar used to be Red Banana you know one of those really sleezy bars. In fairness it was "OK". Good thing I was with the boys hehehe...

Last Night I Parteeed with close friends.

Last night was a blast... I didnt expect to see Mikee. well he gained soo much. its been 2 years. I wonder who's next...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I' ve been really busy sleeping...

Yup that's right.... I've been really busy sleeping at home. Yup Im jobless and its the holiday season. I've been parteeing like crazy with old friends like Nico, Bam, Jojo, and Carlo etc. In-house here and In-house there. As you can see this is me with my Manager John.. at the smoking room of government. God I need to get a job real quick or Im going to loose everything I've ever worked for. Hay.......

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Its good to be back...

I just got back from my long hybernation. I went to Tagaytay and arrived last Monday. Tagaytay is still the same except for the anthoriums that I left. hehehe Their all dead.

The 1st 2 days that I was there was spent cleaning, re-organizing, re-planting, and rebuilding the koi pond sisnce where planning to spend our Christmas Family Partee..

Monday afternoon, I went back to manila to attend the staff party at GOVERNMENT... that was fun. Of course I performed but not in drag just us regular me.

Tuesday and Today was all planning since Bam, Nico and I will go to Makati City Jail to visit "good friends" of ours Al & Bj. Im a little scared to go because Im not really over of what happened to them three months ago. I guess we'll just see what will happen tomorrow.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Just a Crashing Thought...

Beautiful lives don't just happen. They are made every single day with much LOVE, PRAYER and SACRIFICE. The many tasks we face each day can burden and opress us, but spending time with God each day can bring relief from stress.

Let us be reminded that, "IN THE END". Only three things matter:
  • How fully we lived.
  • How deeply we loved.
  • How gracefully we let go of things not meant for us.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another one of those days...

Today was our monthly sales meeting. I didn't go to work because I know their going to talk about the quotas... hehehe well I didn't make it. Frankly Im resigning my position this coming friday its just that I think sales is not me. I need to work for a hotel now... So I can have an experience working in one. Im sending my resumes out already by next week. So by january I'll be ok.


Yesterday I went to work really early thinking that Im going to be at Newport but they said they forgot to text me that my duty will be at the Mall of Asia. After lunch I went to the Mall of Asia hanged a little and went home to have my room remodeled. up to now its not yet done will be done on friday.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Rainy Sunday...

I woke up late today, I was freezing because of the A.C. and plus it was really raining hard due to the typhoon. Tomorrow is Monday I hope it doesn't rain, I dont want to get wet wearing my corparate attire.
Yesterday morning I went to the office to time in and filed an official business form. Then drove to my Mom's house at South Forbes in Sta. Rosa laguna, to attend the party of my niece Nicia. It was so much fun but when evening came. Marcus called asking me if I was going to his party at sequia and asking me for my guestlist because they're really going to be strict at the door because they dont want any gate crashers. I couldn't really think about anyone to invite. I told Marcus to just put in Carlo and Ian if ever they decided to come.
I want home at 10pm. thinking that its not traffic because it was late. But unfortuantely it was... There was an accident at South express way going to manila. Grrrr usually if i drive home from Laguna it normally takes me an hour and a half, but this one it took me forever.
I got home at 12:30am. As soon as I got to my room, Jasper called asked me if I was still going to Marcus's party... I said that I couldn't anymore cos was soooooo tired from the traffic.

Yesterday was hectic!!!

My niece's first birthday party at South Forbes Club House in Sta. Rosa Laguna.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Christian's Baby BLOW!!!

Chris finally decided to have dinner at Malate instead of Makati. Well it was a drag for Neil and I since we are so used to eating tuscan bread Italianni's at Greenbelt because the food service was so much better. "AS IN SUPER FUN".

Well Im Happy that, I actually saw Chris this evening and as well as Art, since I havent seen them since my birthday party at my manor last August. Neil was the only one, who is always present in any occasion rain or shine.

Thursday, December 7, 2006


I didn't really do much at work today... I came in late, timed out... chit-chat and left. Its just one of those really lazy days at work. Chris messaged me this afternoon saying that he was going to invite us for dinner. "That's New". and with stress saying it was his treat... Hmmmm very unusual. hahaha extremely...

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

See you tomorrow...

When I got home from work. Well as usual no on was home aside from Gigi. I checked my msgs. There was a lot of messages. Three of them were invites to a party. 1st one was Marcus is having a lieu of flowers and gifts at sequia "Bring a Bottle" Dec. 9 thats this Saturday... 2nd was from Art Chua, with Attention: Charles, Josh, Chris, and Neil. For a Christmas dinner at Italianni's on the 16th Saturday. Bring a gift worth P200. 3rd from my dear friend Henry, having a Xmas party on the 15th a friday for the VIP's of Government and on the xxth is for the Super VIP's.
So for the coming Saturday Im going to be super busy because this holiday season is the season of Partee. I wish you were here Rommel. Hay...

Office Break!!!

After a whole day of marketing and saturation. We all went back to the office, and met up with the other marketing people. We were like young boys and girls getting ready to be picked up by the school bus to be dropped home. Bennette my office mate who loves gaymen as her boyfriend...

After a few hours they all decided to just meet up at a coffee shop or probably have a few drinks at Greenbelt 3.

I told my friend Agot, my marketing partner. Im not being a party pooper but Im going to take a rain check on that get together... The good thing she totally agreed that we were both tired from walking around the whole day.

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I went to work early today. I had to ask about what they tackled from yesterday's meeting. Grrr... just as I thought. I should have went to work yesterday since they didn't really talked about the sales thing. Oh how annoying.
The whole day was spent all around, meaning places that I've never been, like FTY. Ware houses, Bodegas, and Textile Plants. I was so surprised!!! Is this how my boss saturated when he was still a Sr. Salesman? My gosh... not even my cup of tea. This work was so hetero... Imagine me walking in an empty warehouse looking for the person who's in charge so I can give him an invite for our open house this Sunday. Who cares nobody knows who I am anyway so why worry right. Hehehehe....

Driving Home...

Driving home after meeting Martin and John...
It made me think about things that i never thought about... Like, Why am I thinking about my friends problems about their love life and How they play whoever gets to do this and that... and Richard my white bestfriend just got back with Paolo his actor X-boyfriend... Why am I even thinking about them that Im actually should be thinking about myself... HELLO!!!! Im single... I should be the one asking you guys that you should get me a date. DIBA! But Im not like that... I am happy for them, that finally they found someone.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The Tuesday Meetings...

This is the 1st tuesday that I didnt go to work... hahaha. At work they said never to skip the general sales meeting or else you will get a memo from the president...
WHO FUCKING CARES!!! Today I called in sick, I asked Connie the HR girl that Im feeling a little sick and cannot go to work. But the truth is that I cannot stand listening to the sales meeting that goes on tackling about sales over and over and over every fucking tuesday at 10am sharp in eastwood city and "or" at newport city. The whole day was spent watching Star movies and HBO. I had tons of messages but was too lazy to answer all of them.
This evening I got up took a bath and changed into red round neck shirt, black draw string pants and my favorite black flip-flops and decided to drive to makati. while driving my cell ranged... Oh it was Martin... well he invited me to have coffee at starbucks at greenbelt 1.
7pm I got to greenbelt and parked... i walked to starbucks, when i got there i told the guard to save me a table outside while i buy my favorite venti raspberry blended frapp. My cell ranged again and answered... it was martin again asking me to meet him at "Binalot" instead. after I got my blended tea I told the guard to just give it to someone else i meant the table... i went to "Binalot" saw John another friend of mine waved Hi?! and then when i walked in I saw martin. I ended up talking with john and Martin. We talked about John's BF. Mark on how he is doing... mark this and mark that... We also talked about Martin's new BF my bf this and my bf that...
Funny... I hear my friends talk about their relationships and always ask for my opinion about it but when they ask me questions about "When am I going to start dating"? or "Whatever?" I tell them the same thing over and over...
"I guess I haven't really saw him or met him yet".

My weekend gig at Angeles, Pampanga

My third time to sing. "fashionista by jimmy james" definately no one ugly aloud. Of course outfit by Jun Escario Hair and Make up by Larry a friend of Ian.
Anyway... I left Manila at exactly 9:00am. Call time was 8am. but unfortunately I didnt wake up because my alarm did not work. Paolo, the producer was calling me like crazy because my ride was already waiting for me at Starbucks 6750.
I woke up at exactly 8:30am and rushed going to Makati. As soon as I got there and got in at starbucks... was surprise to see Carlo Crisostomo a close friend and a member of the Fabulous Group Fantastic 4. Well he offered to treat me breakfast since his not coming to watch my show. After chit-chat 8:50 we drove to Ortigas to pick up the rest of the crew and at 9am we all left for Balibago, Angeles Pampanga.
11:00 am we all arrived safely to Pampanga off course the Paolo checked us all inn. All the performers was in the same room all four of us. I was actually thinking of getting another room because it was so stuffy having four people in one room. But I didnt.
The event was OK... eventhough it was not that full. It was so much fun, it was like a new set of Partee friends hahaha... There was no after hour partee, because we were all too tired to do it. so we all decided to just sleep.