Thursday, December 21, 2006

Its good to be back...

I just got back from my long hybernation. I went to Tagaytay and arrived last Monday. Tagaytay is still the same except for the anthoriums that I left. hehehe Their all dead.

The 1st 2 days that I was there was spent cleaning, re-organizing, re-planting, and rebuilding the koi pond sisnce where planning to spend our Christmas Family Partee..

Monday afternoon, I went back to manila to attend the staff party at GOVERNMENT... that was fun. Of course I performed but not in drag just us regular me.

Tuesday and Today was all planning since Bam, Nico and I will go to Makati City Jail to visit "good friends" of ours Al & Bj. Im a little scared to go because Im not really over of what happened to them three months ago. I guess we'll just see what will happen tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

hi i'm brian from that "al" your visiting in makati city jail, al balan from govt.what happened? i saw him pa last year when i went to govt.but since i transferred to iloilo i rarely saw his pics posted in kokun events photos.hope it's not him. by the way your blog is great & it's indeed a journey.