Saturday, December 20, 2008


Saturday November 15, 4:55pm I left the Philippines and went to Las Vegas via Philippine Airlines. We Arrived Mc Carran International Airport Las Vegas Saturday November 15, 5:55pm. Tita Luz was there to pick us up. Tita Luz was clueless that my Mom was with me.

After the airport Tita Luz is going to drop me off at Summerlin which was sooooo fucking far from the strip. Then on the way to the summerlin place I told Tita Luz that we made reservations at the Marriott Suites. We will stay there for 2 weeks until I get a room of my own somewhere near the strip. ("The Tita Luz Experience" will be the next blog)

After going to North Las Vegas to meet my housemate to be. Tita Luz decided to have dinner at Asia Buffet. right after dinner. I told her that Mom and I will be staying at the Marriott then we'll think about, if were going to stay at Summerlin at North Las Vegas or whatever. Finally she dropped us at Marriott. That same night I went down stairs to use their wifi I checked my friendster and Queenie my high school classmate messaged me giving me her cell number because she and her family lives in Vegas. I replied to her the hotels number and the room. The next day she called. and hanged with us.

My Mom and I got a room here at South West Las Vegas very close to the strip. Fabulous location after a week my Mom left. She went back to the Philippines. I've never felt so alone in my entire life. I came across a friend at YM and eventually I was already speaking with a very close friend of mine using Skype. I remember I was babbling about how sad and hard it was to get a job here in the U.S. well guess what I still don't have a job hehehe.

After that week another friend of mine called and said they are planning to spend new years eve here and asking me to look for a hotel accommodation for 3 days. I went out of my room to ask "Moriel" my land lord. She gave me a card from Palms Las Vegas 5 blocks away from where we live $89.00 for 2 days. I then called Dave to let him know. So he did and that was done.

After 2 days another super dooper close friend of mine called me early in the morning, I was still asleep dreaming about fantasy world. It was Red, telling me good news that he won tickets for 2 to USA! "Aba ate let me know para makapag handa ako ng banda at mga banderitas para sa inyong pagdating!"

After a week another friend of mine called, Brian my college kaberks! He said he is coming December 12 and will be staying at the Circus Circus. That was good news atleast I can leave the house and go to bars.

After 2 days I decided to come with my housemate Gerry. He's a "Really old school type." We had dinner at the Palms then he decided to go to Planet Hollywood to show me around. I asked him questions about gay places here in Vegas he said he doesn't know where but then he knows where "Krave" is located. hehehe

After Planet Hollywood, I asked him that I wanted to go to Charlie's this gay place at Tropicana and Arville. So we took the bus going there. Surprisingly packed on a Sunday because of NGRA Nevada Gay Rodeo Association. Never knew gays like to rodeo how butch hahaha. I've never been to a bar that plays ballroom and people dancing the electric slide the whole night. hahaha That same night I sms Brian and told him about the bar he said he'll just go there with me on Wednesday.

After 3 days Brian and I went to Charlie's. The door was closed and on the opposite side of the door it says press to enter. I pushed the button and I heard a long beep signaling me to open the door. Well when I opened the door there was only one person drinking at the bar with the bartender.

After a few drinks we left and just went to the Riviera for Slots and free booze. Then we parted and went to our own way home.

I woke up at 12nn wondering what to do. I've decided to just go solo. Meaning to discover gay places by myself. I got up went to the shower decided to wear something butch and checked the map and went to find the Escape lounge located at West Sahara and Arville Rd. While at the bus Brian sms me saying that he is leaving tomorrow at 10am to Dallas and he wants to meet and come with me where ever Im going. I sms messaged him back saying to meet me at West Sahara and Arville.

After 15 minutes I reached my destination. Escape lounge when I was about to open the door my cell rang it was Brian. "Ate! sunduin moko dito hindi ko alam papunta jan!" So I said fine went back to the bus stop and told him to meet me at Las Vegas Blvd. Another 15minutes has passed and I was already at Las Vegas Blvd. called him and met him and rushed to the bus stop.

After 20 minutes due to the traffic on the way back to where I was. There are 2 separate doors leading to the lounge the 1st was the main door going to the foyer then another closed door with a door bell then its the lounge. There was a big over sized bar with a lot of people sitting by it. We ordered our drink and it was two for one. The Bartender Brandon, what a sweetheart was very entertaining. Well we ended up drunk and we did not even know how we came home.

Brian went home today, he sms me saying that he had a wonderful time last night and could not even remember how he got home. I stayed home the whole day. Didn't even feel like going out.

After dinner a strange number appeared to my cell. Hello? "Can I speak with Charles please?" This is Charles I repied. "Ateee pupunta ako jan sa December 28 and 29 labas tayo?!" Sino to? "Si Ruel College. You posted your number sa Harooj Society Remember?"

More to come....