Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Shitty Date

Three weeks ago Brandon and I decided to go out for drinks. "I know what your thinking?" Brandon is this guy who I met at this bar. Yeah yeah yeah we all know that he is not the type of guy I would like to date. because the guys that I like are blue colar looking or should I say Errs! Well he was classified as an Err as in Bartend-Err.

Our first date was a disaster. January 14th Wednesday when I went to the bar he asked me to go out this coming friday which was 16th. We will meet at the same place where he works. Okay I admit I was 30 minutes early because "Hello! the busses here are so unpredictable. I don't want to be late and plus I'm not in the Philippines anymore."

When I arrived at the bar of course hugs and kisses... he said "I will be with you in a half hour!" Half an hour passed there he is seated beside me small talks about the weather typical date introductory statements.

Brandon: Hey Charles do you wanna eat?

Charles: I'm not really hungry, but if you are we can grab a bite if you like!

Brandon: Great! I know a place.

We went to Landry's this seafood restaurant. I ordered a salad that was it since I am not that hungry. He ordered lobster bisque soup, he said he does not want to eat anything heavy. The soup itself was heavy with cream. We had a wonderful conversation about life here in Vegas, exchanges of ideas. You know? It's like getting to know each other etc... etc...

After the restaurant thing, Okay so we paid our bill then we went to Spotlight bar. When we got to the bar. I ordered my new favorite Vodka Cranberry and then he ordered his Corona beer. While talking and having out drinks he said he needed to go to the restroom. I was at the bar listening to old school house music. He then just popped out from no where and said:

Brandon: Charles! Something came up?!

Charles: Why what's wrong?

Brandon: I have an emergency?!

Charles: What emergency?

Brandon: I have to go to the house!

Charles: Okay if you like you can just leave me here, and then just come back for me?

Brandon: No, no, no I cant!

Charles: What do you mean you can't? You can just leave me here! I can take care of myself.

Brandon: No I cannot just leave you here! I need to drive you home.

Charles: Huh! it's alright?! I can always take the cab home.

Brandon: Please let me take you home. Please...

The reason why I did not want to go home is that. I mean we all know if we go out to drink, we can never have just one glass of our favorite cocktail. Diba!!!! Bitina Aragon! I took a deep breath and then went out the bar and said:

Charles: Honey! be honest okay what... is... wrong...?

Brandon: Charles alright, alright... I'm going to be very honest with you!

Charles: ?

Brandon: Alright... fine shitted on my pants!

Oh my gosh... I know it's rude to laugh but I could not help myself I was laughing like crazy.

Brandon: Let's go!

Charles: Okay! wait?! let me just get some tissues and something to cover your drivers seat! :)

So I went back inside the bar and got a bunch of napkins and some magazines. When we got to the car I asked him not to sit yet because I needed to put the napkins and opened the magazine and placed it on top off his driver seat so that he wont get anything of his crap on the seatcover. On the way home all the windows of his car was openned. Grabe... It really smelled as in super!

Brandon: Come on stop laughing!

Charles: I'm sorry... I could not stop laughing... You know why?

Brandon: ?

Charles: YOu know what honey? Your the first guy I have ever dated here in Vegas as in 1st time here in Vegas! It's an unforgettable date.

Brandon: I'm sorry I ruined our date.

Charles: No you did not ruin our date in fact I had so much fun with you. But I hope next time when we have our date again, make sure not to eat anything dairy so we wont get emergencies like this! :)

I got home already went down his car and stood there for a while. I wanted to have a cigarette just before I go inside the house.

Brandon: Come on go inside already!

Charles: I want to smoke first before I go inside.

Brandon: Please I cant leave until I am pretty sure you are home safely.

Charles: Take care drive safely.

Awww that's sweet! I went back inside and kissed him on the cheak and went inside the house! Then he drove away

That same evening I texted him and said that I really enjoyed his company. The next day I never heard from him. I guess he was really embarrassed. One thing I can never forget is his honesty as in! "Konte na lang ang mga guys na honest! Aminin mo yan!"

Imagine the same thing happened to you? Sige nga ano gagawin mo? In english: What will you do?