Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Is Friendship to You?

What is friendship to you, my friend? Yes, you are my friend, and as such, I ask that you do these things for me:

If I ever feel like giving up, be there for me, and inject me with novocaine or morphine or love or something until the pain subsides.

If I’m ever angry at the world, Don’t take offense tothe hollow threats I hurlferociously at your heart because I mean nothing I say.

Hold my emotions in your hands and don’t drop my feeble heart from its current state of madness.

Cover these thoughts made of glass with bubble wrap, because their fragility leaves me hanging in the balance.

Lend me your shoulder, your strength, when the weight of the world becomes too heavy for me to bear.

Send me into my dreams with the idea that you’ll be there tomorrow if I need a third eye to see clearly, or a second opinion on life.

Don’t compromise the fate of the world and pull me back into happiness, when my thoughts become too ANTI-EVERYTHING.

Support me when I’m right, and criticize me when I’m wrong. Stay true to yourself, so that you do the same for others.

But above all, make the term “friend” seem like it means more than just a simple conversation and unkept promises.

Just don’t fail me now, like so many others have before you.

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