Sunday, January 7, 2007

Last night!

After work I went home to my house take a bath and change. after an hour I went to government to see how they were doing. Henry came and asked us to come with him to aurora blvd. he wants to show us the new "malate". Malate, a place in manila where people like us used to go. when we got there it was around 11pm. At the door the "Palawan Disco Bar" look like a big pick-up joint where nomads go. It was kinda' packed but it felt like we were inside a meat market. I mean literally it looked like a wet market so many different looks, looks that you dont normally see in makati. I told Jhon the men who go's to Palawan looks like they came from a local street fair. "Ateh... Yung mga tao dito, at yung mga lalake mga mukang galing sa PERYA". he just said that I was so right when I said that. Henry was actually interested on putting a bar in that location just to cater for the C & D market and he's calling it... GOBIERNO by government.

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