Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I came across this letter... (My letter to M@#$%*)

Hi Martin!

Bet you’re surprised that I wrote you this letter. Well, you’re not the only one. I managed to surprise myself. Hehehe… it’s just that I’ve been quite happy just hanging out with you the few times that we have and since we don’t see enough of each other, I decided to carry on our chat thru this letter, one-sided as it may be. Hehehe! Our conversations about anything and everything amuses me and serves as happy thoughts when I’m caught in moments to myself such as now.

Hmm… what shall we talk about then? I can’t believe I have this whole paper to say what I want with no interruptions whatsoever and I can’t think of a word to say. Strange, I’ve never been at a loss for words before. Hmmm… at a loss for words and yet… my smile is from ear to ear… hehehe…. I must be going bananas.

Guess that’s just it. Sometimes words can’t even justify the moment we share together when we are. I find myself just being in that moment with you and when I am it’s like that’s where I should be at that time and that place in the world.

It’s such a good feeling and yet, it kinda scares me a bit. It scares me because I know that after having such a great time with you in the club or anywhere else, you go home to your life and I go home to mine not knowing when playful destiny will bang our heads together again. Even more scary is that, with each time we hang out, I feel like I want to know you more and I guess I’m just not sure if we’re exactly on the same page on that. Well, whatever you’re thinking, it’s ok. I’ve learned to appreciate what we’ve got. I think that just being with you and getting to know you so far has been a breath of fresh air for me.

you may not know it, but, I totally blush when you talk of me to friends. Not that I need a pr manager to market me.. hahha.. wala lang.. It’s just another private happy moment I like to rewind in my head. Guess it makes me feel good to know that we’re quite fond of each other.

Martin, these past few times that we’ve hung out together have been great! And because I value this friendship more than all my signature couture and handmade swarovski crystal necklaces, I want you to know that you’ve awaken in me something that has long been asleep. A crush, an inspiration, admiration… call it whatever you like. You make me feel alive and good about myself. That’s something no one has done for me in a long time. And I feel that being with you makes me want you more and more each time. And I’m not sure that’s the right thing for me to feel at this moment.

I’m declaring a Martin holiday to assess my feelings for you Martin.
and when I call for a holiday, you can bet it’ll not be just a holiday but a holiweek. Hehehe… I’ll definitely miss you!

Hope you will too.

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