Sunday, February 25, 2007

What's On My Mind... for RED

Instead of blogging my wonderful thoughts today, I thought I'd just type them on down here in a personal letter to you since… well… they ARE predominantly all of you lately. Hope you don’t mind.

It’s just, the colors of my world have become more vivid and more rich and the environment has begun to smell more invigorating and aromatic and ultimately inspiring since we met. Even the flavor of my writing has become a wee bit more scrumptious and juicy like a nice ripe, yellow mango in the summer time. As you peel one with your hands and not with a knife like we do in the city, you can lick off the juice that trickles down your arm as you take a big, soft bite of that mango and feel… and taste the sweet gift of the sun bursting and dancing on your tongue. The sensations are meltingly sweet and sensational! And I want to thank you for that!

“Thanks!” (Big, flashy smile)

Yesterday as I watched you on the dance floor, I was just so in awe of you moving to the groove of the music, allowing all the good vibes to go through your body and mind. I could just imagine all the amazing thoughts, images and energy and overwhelming feelings of love that was racing through you, all at the same time! I would give anything to be that pill that went inside of you and made you feel all those wonderful passions and emotions. Wow… It would be Mindblowing!

The energy was electricity! As we would talk, your eyes would look intently upon mine, and your focus, unfeathered. It seemed as if your powerful stare was bridging all that energy into me and only fueled me to give you back more. And just when it was just too much, you would break into that rewardingly beautiful smile, tilt back your head, close your eyes and enjoy that exchange of electricity that just moved between us.

Definitely an experience that makes me breathe deeper!

I was surprised when you told me that you read my blogs. You wanted to know what was on my mind. I was only glad to hear it. You know how I suffer from the stigma of being stereotyped. And you trying to get to know the real me through my little pockets of stories let’s me see some light at the end of this tunnel. But just to help you along the long and dynamic road of Charles (hehehe!), I suggest more than just reading my blog and experience the real thing.

So here’s to more mindblowing experiences, I’ll see you soon.

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puLA said...

..wonderfully written. you really have way with words charles! keep on writing! =)