Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Red Dream...

Last night before sleeping, Red called asking me where I was? I was home and didn't feel like going out because I really needed to rest since my muscles are hurting again. Anyway he was asking about Stacy to party with him because he's with this boy that he met a month ago at Gov. Tramp! Stacy as a really good friend of ours that we always meet at Government. Unfortunately I don't know where she is. hahahaha.

I fell asleep right away after that call... During that not so deep sleep. I dreamt about Red. It was like, I was riding with him going to Gov with all of my belongings for an event. We went to a place that looks like a vacant complex with a lamp post and beside it is an old mint green apartment building, where another friend of mine was standing waiting impatiently. We both walked over to him. Oh my gosh it was "Leo Posadas!" He was bragging about something but then Red was acting some what with disbelief of what Leo was saying. He looked at me and I said I went out of my way just to let you know... Then Leo said "He's not worth it!".

We then went to this old empty garage in the same complex, where I saw Red taking out boxes of things. I saw a recently used Sushi showcase refrigerator with pieces of left over garnishes. It was like his car dumped with so many garbage.

When all of the stuff was out his car looked like an old over used van with no upholstery as in ragged. He then said lets go were leaving. Red seated in front of me face to face. Jp looked like he was hanging from the rail like a on a jeep. Bebe and Mark are seated behind me. It was really weird. Then suddenly I remembered that I had an appointment with Qua the make-up artist from Shu Eumura. Then Mark asked me about my dress. When I showed it to him it didn't look like it was mine. But it looked like a futuristic torn one. ... Weird!

The van was already moving but no driver. I was trying to gaze at the driver but just could not see him. The driver was really driving really fast... On the side of the street I saw three young girls walking really fast. because the it seemed like it was flooded with dirty water mixed with thick mud. I saw it. It was like a wave of black mud.

The van was still moving. Up ahead I saw two humongous crane trucks as huge as five story buildings with large wheels racing in front of us. We tried to over take it was just like being on a real aggressive race. The driver went under the one truck just to over take we almost hit the crane of the other truck. Then I woke up! from the beep of my cell phone as reminder that I have unread messages.

Coincidentally the message was from Red. Funny but then I was a little worried. I texted back and said to him to "be careful on your way home".

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