Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yesterday, Today, the Other Day & Last Saturday...

Yesterday... I took a day off out of my own right. Last sundays party was so tiring. I didnt go to the gym because I was too lazy to go. In the evening Bam called me to say that he had already sent me the song that Im performing for our event this 31st, Oh I cant wait since its my last performance. Bebe called to say Hi?! we ended up talking till 1am. hahaha A lot of good interesting stories. He's a nice guy.

Today... I went to work after lunch checked my mails, went to my appointments then eventually walked to the gym. I needed to take off the calories that I took this long weekend.

The Other Day... It was my 3rd party of the year. The party of the selected few. Well the "selected few" turned out to be a big party for the selected few's it was so much fun. There was so much food and a lot of booze. Im happy because I still have really super good friends around. I am so blessed for that.

Last Saturday... Was confusing, I had an invite from Dj Kevin Ruiz personally at the Ware House but then I had another invite from my best friend Henry for the Summer Ball at government. Both events have a different attire. The one at government is Summer and the one at Ware House is Club Chic.

I went to Government with my Beach Louie Vuitton look but eventually had too much to party. I went outside government... Honey, It was Hello Sunshine! I had to rush home to get ready for my party. hahaha

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