Thursday, April 12, 2007

Reality Check Please!!!

I've been thinking about a lot of things lately. My relationship with my family, with... (sigh), to find a job, my health. Last night Maricel told me that Mama, Harvey, Walter and Rina were having a private talk. I was kind of surprised, and suspicious at the same time, why have a private talk without me? Then I finally realized I was right. I was the topic of their discussion.

I was able to muster all the guts to have a talk with Harvey, which was very unlikely of me. He told me things like their desire to help me find a job back in the U. S., or any support I might need for that matter. Yes I have to admit I am slaking.. BIG TIME!

I should do something about it, or I'll just end up being a complete loser. Honestly it hit me like a great big red brick wall. Reality check!. I need to gather myself up, focus on what I should do, and have favorable results.

I realized I am still lucky, even if I am bombarded with problems from all directions at random. I still have my family with me, and I have great friends who are willing to offer support in any way.

I should count my blessings...

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