Thursday, April 26, 2007

Recreation With My Best Buddies / What's up with you?...

I woke up today from a phone call from one of my best buddies. It was Henry, saying...

Henry: Ate nasan kana? (Sister where are you?)
Charles: Dito sa house! Bakit? (I'm here at home! What is it?)
Henry: Parang kagigising mo lang Ate?! (Did you just wake up?!)
Charles: Yes!!!
Henry: It's Wednesday! We're going swimming remember!!! Punta ka na dito! Dito na si Jhon!!! (Come over! Jhon is here already!!!)
Charles: Ah OK will be there as soon as I'm ready!

I left the house at 3:30pm and received a text from Henry again telling me to stop by BO's Coffee to get a Grande Cafe Latte with skimmed milk and two equals. I got to BO's at 4pm ordered and went straight to the 5th floor to meet Henry and Jhon.

When I got to the 5th floor Don (Ex boy friend of Jhon). Was there with us... Oh how fun at least now there's four of us now! A few minutes later Anna arrived! The Ms. Vivian Westwood collector. hahaha... They were talking about this pair of shoes that they saw at Zara yesterday a size "14" Wow I wished I was there?! Then she talked to me and said she saw a Jean Paul Goultier duffel bag that was so me at this Store somewhere. (Sigh)...

Henry stood up and said:

Henry: Charles its time for you to do your laps...
Charles: Later I'm still contemplating on the duffel bag that Anna was talking to me about...
Henry: You should do 12 laps... Last time was 10 now you should do 12!

I then stood up fixed myself and went straight to the swimming pool and did my laps. Supposed to be 12 but I did 14. After the laps... Gosh, it is so hard to be beautiful...

Anna and Don left. Henry, Jhon and yours truly where left just skinny dipping in the pool talking about "Ed" Henry's boyfriend... He was talking about enrolling "Ed" to a speech power school! Hmmm... Henry is such a Philanthropist! That is so Henry.

After chatting away with gossips, new ideas, and what's in for next weeks activities. I just suddenly asked both of them if we can watch a movie tonight for a change and then Henry said...

Henry: Oh lets watch "A Perfect Stranger".
Charles: Sinong artista don? (Who's artists?)
Jhon: Yung kay Bruce Willies! (Oh its Bruce Willies!)
Henry: At si Hally Berry! (And Hally Berry!)
Charles: Ah I see... What kind of picture is it?
Henry: Suspense, Parang may multo-multo? (Suspense, I think it has something to do with a ghost?)
Jhon: Eh anong oras naman yun? (What time would that be?)
Henry: Well lets get ready now! Go!!!

We all went to the locker room and took a shower, got dressed, went to the basement parking and we all went to greenbelt, parked the car and walked. While walking we were debating about having dinner somewhere Jhon and I wanted to eat in a fast food since we are trying to save while Henry on the other hand likes to eat somewhere... We all decided to eat at Oody's hahaha we all had the same thing hehehe.

After dinner we walked going to the movie ticket center bought tickets and went walking at greenbelt park and sat down near the fountain and talked about my thing with Christopher....

Charles: Let me see... where do you want me to start?
Jhon: Ano nangyari sa date nyo? (What happened to your date?)
Charles: Ayun my umiksena! Hay sino kaya yun!!! (well someone crashed our date! I wonder who it it!!!)
Henry: Ate ginagawa mo rin kaya yun?! (Sister, you also do that to me?!)
Charles: Kelan, Kelan?! Ate intimate dinner kaya yun?! (When? When? Sister, that was an intimate dinner?!)
Henry: You always ask... So hows everything?!
Charles: Hello?! But I don't join your dinners!

Jhon: So Kamusta na kayo ni C2? (So how are you and C2 doing?)
Charles: Were OK we both want to take it slow... Oh and he might go to Leyte...
Henry: Ah yes to bring his daughter to the hospital in Cebu right?!
Charles: At bakit alam mo yun? (And why do you know that?)
Henry: He told me!
Charles: Ah... Hmmm so ano ibig sabihin nun ate?! (Ah... Hmmm so what do you mean by that?!)
Henry: Wala naman! (Nothing really!) I'm just being close with whats happening...
Charles: Sige na nga! (Whatever!)

Henry then asked me...

Henry: So ano naman masasabi mo kay C2? (So what can you say about C2?)
Charles: First of all it's not C2? It's Christopher or Chris!
Jhon: OK, so what about Chris!?

Charles: Where in the trying to get to know stage... Well he's always quiet... Hmmm I dont know...
Henry: Ay ganun nga sya Ate?! Unpredictable... (Oh he's like that... So unpredictable...)
Charles: Yeah he's so mysterious... As in sometimes he's over mysterious, sometimes he's not... Haay... (Sigh...)
Henry: That's what I said... Unpredictable!

Oh yes anyway... After dinner we all watched Perfect Stranger... It was a good movie. I'm not going to tell you what happened but you should see it yourself.

Well... So, where was I?... Oh, OK!... Its funny... Everybody is so inn to this... I mean, why does everybody all of a sudden wants me to be attached? What is it about this specific person? or What is it about me? That Henry want it to work out! or maybe the other way around!!! hahaha

Go ahead ask me whatever? What am I thinking? What is my real feelings? Do you really...?

I'm open to anything... Commets? Opinions? Name it?

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