Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why did I...

What am I fighting for
I don't really understand
You're not there anymore
To simply hold my hand.

Without you around
I have lost so much
So much strength you gave
With simply a soft touch

I keep looking at my phone
But it just doesn't ring
Not even a buzz
A text it doesn't bring.

You're always too busy
And no longer have time
To stop and say hello
Seconds it would only be nine.

You have your own life
I guess I'm just in the way
And I'm not even permitted
To expect hearing from you every day.

I don't have the energy
I feel completely broken
My eyes are welling up
Soon they'll be soaking.

I need you so much
I can't begin to explain
But I'm hurting so much
Why am I bearing this pain.

I would wait a lifetime
For a moment with you
But not knowing when I'll see you
Tears me up in two.

I don't want to get hurt
Or even cause myself pain
But it definitely hurts me
For you always think I complain.

I'm so very confused
What is really meant to be
Why did this happen
Why did I fell for you...

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