Monday, April 2, 2007

Yesterday, Today, and the Other Day...

Yesterday... I spent my morning with the person that I like. I've never really done that with him ever just intimate conversation with Charles. This was just the first time. Imagine talking and laying down on a wooden, but really tacky canopy bed with white cotton polyester drippings and a fuchsia pink with yellow and white flower printed sheets. hahaha (For the host) Darling... you need a room make over. Paint your canopy bed black to make it stand out. 86 the bed sheets, get a crimson red bed sheets to add drama to your room.

Today... Woke up at 8am. After a 11 hour hibernation. I'm in Tagaytay now doing our monthly inventory of supplies. Then proceeded to my weekly round of the house.

I've never experienced pain as in "PAIN" all over. My right foot, the index and the middle finger is numb. Both of my legs, hips and spine hurt like crazy. It feels like I went to a marathon with my Manolo Stiletto.

The Other Day... Was preparation galore. I woke up just in time to be really fresh I left the house at 6pm to go to my make-up appointment. Qua of Shu Eumura. Such a fantastic make-up artist. Very artistic.

That whole night was all about glamour, beauty, and being called a real fashionista. I'm so proud to be part of that exclusive fashion event. Bam, Mamita, Henry, Josh, and Jhon we did it again. I'm so happy.

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