Monday, April 23, 2007

Yesterday, Today, and the Other Day...

Yesterday... I had a fabtastic time with Neb, Wiley, Ice, Klein, and Christopher. We had a "Crashing Slumber Party". We spent the whole morning sleeping I didn't really careless about the time what was important was just spending time with good friends.

During the afternoon I met Cris the flatmate of Neb, but then he left and I didn't get the chance to socialize. In the late afternoon, we went swimming. Or should I say skinny dipping while chatting. hahaha. After a few we all went upstairs and Neb and Wiley prepared dinner.

I totally pigged out last night, as in super big time! while pigging out Christopher decided to sleep again, and will just wake him up when we go home. (Sigh)... OK the good thing Neb and Wiley and Cris stayed for an "Intimate Conversation With Charles". It's been quite a while since I last conversed. Oh how I missed the last one. (Sigh)...

Today... Christopher woke me up at 5:30am that was just 3hrs. Of sleep. We had to leave already since he had to go home, then go to work at 9am. While in the cab, Christopher asked me what I was doing when he was asleep. Well I said we had a great conversation, it was an exchange of ideas and analyzing of opinions. I'm glad that he is also into that. at least we have that in common.

I got home at 6am. I went straight to wendy's and ordered a sandwich with hot tea. Took a shower did my facial regiment and went to bed. Mom woke me up at 5pm to prepare to go to the gym since my Mom has an appointment at the Spa next to my gym at Sofitel.

The Other Day... I called my assistant today to come to the house to pick up the supplies for the facility since that I cannot make it to go there since I am preparing for big event coming to my house tonight. Christopher is coming for dinner, and I have to prepare something really special because its our first date together.

Totie called back and said, he couldn't come because Richard my psychologist and Ponce the chief guard took their day off on a moments notice. and if he leaves the facility only one staff will be there to look after the residents.

I felt that my blood rushed to my head! I was so angry because it was already 2pm and I haven't even bought anything for the dinner and I needed to go to Tagaytay to deliver their supplies. Grrrr...

After having a fit with my assistant. I texted Christopher that I am pushing thru with our dinner but will be having a late dinner instead. Because I needed to go to the facility for an emergency... I left the house at 2:30pm Got to the facility at 5:30pm due to a stupendous traffic.

When I got there... I called told Totie to make a memo for Richard for not filing a notice for his immediate day-off and will be given on Tuesday before the company outing!

I left the facility 6pm. Oh my gosh, I needed to stop by somewhere to get something for the late dinner tonight. I stopped by Paseo de Sta. Rosa Market at Sta. Rosa Laguna... I parked the car and walked going to the wet section. I was thinking of having seafood since its really easy to prepare, but I thought he might be allergic. Hmmm... So I thought about poultry. Why not have chicken and veggies... You know one of those 30min preps. hehehe...

I left the market at 7pm. So far so good there was no traffic. I arrived the house at 8:30pm texted him and he said he'll be here at 9pm sharp.

Impressive... He wasn't late at all. That's a plus factor! I charged my cell in my room so their where no int interruptions while having dinner. Dinner was served after a few minutes. We talked about many things... While he was telling me his story.. A phone call from Henry interrupted our little intimate conversation. (Sigh)...

Henry: Hi... Christopher? Put it on speaker... Charles what did you prepare?
Charles: Oh just Rosemary Chicken and Veggies and Garlic rice. That's all!

I guess he had another phone call... OK so you were saying? He continued with his story...

After dinner I asked him if he wanted to have coffee or tea... So it was coffee. We had my own blend, brewed coffee with amaretto liqueur.

Henry texted Christopher that he was on the way here... I then replied to him that were busy! But he replied and said were already down stairs!

Knock Knock!!!
Charles: Oh Hi ate! Your here?! I thought you where just kidding when you said your coming?!
Henry: I just wanted to see if your all right!
Charles: I'm Great! come in?!
Henry: Hi Chris!
Chris: Were going to gov later, Charles is just getting ready.
Henry: What did you cook? Was there anything left?
Charles: I didn't know you where coming. I should have prepared more! Would you like to have some veggies since that's the only one left! hehehe
Henry: OK!

Christopher and Ed spoke inside my room... Well we all know about their issues right... When they finished conversing they came out to mingle with us. We where seated across from each other but side by side... Henry was seated on the other side of the table in front of him was Christopher and I was in front of Ed. It was like a scene of a funny Gay Movie where who was dating who...

After their snack we all left and went to government for the G4m party...

- Its my first time to have a date in my house. But I was actually thinking about why do I feel like.. there is always things stopping me from doing what I like to do? Why do I feel that someone is always in between?

I just remembered but didn't really put that on writing when Neb said that they had a talk... Neb said that Christopher's not ready for a relationship. But time will tell...

I guess time will tell...? What do you think? I'm open for opinions?

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