Tuesday, May 8, 2007

An Endless Place...

I feel like my life is in a spin, A feeling so intense. I whither from all the weight and I am numb from all I sense. Quivering in the corner, the feelings come and go.

Shaking uncontrollably as I slowly loose my mind. Weakly I reach to extinguish the light, for visions that I find. Wandering thoughts passing endlessly through my brain.

I tingled, as nothing is left to feel not pleasure or pain, just numbness, as I lay helpless at the mercy of all. Lethargically I raise myself & step, shake, trip and fall.

A beginning of the end I try desperately to scream, My mouth opens wide but silence, and this must be just a dream. Reality escapes along with my morale and I'm left an empty shell.

If I'll survive, I'm wondering? Only time will ever tell. Left to my own devices as I sink to this endless place. Seconds pass like years as the tears roll down my face.

Time heals all wounds they say but these are still as deep as ever. New life begins each and every day and I'm stuck in never, never.

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