Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Goodbye... For C2

For the first time I would have let
Someone to see who I really am
If you had just asked me those questions
I would have answered them all
But you never did
You don’t want to know me
I wanted to know you
But you didn’t let me

So many things I don’t know about you
So many things you never told me
You’re so much more than you let me see
You just didn’t let me see who you really are

I guess this is what you get for loving someone
I guess this is what I get for loving you
Nothing more but a troubled head
Nothing more but a bottle by my bed
This is what I get for needing you
Never again will I need someone
Or at least I won’t let him know that I do
And never again will I need you
And never again will I love you

You had your chance you just didn’t take it
I was all yours, you just couldn’t see
And I don’t think that you knew what I meant
When I told you that you don’t care about me
I know you care, but not the way I need you to

Think it’s for the best if I just set you free
How can we be together when I’m not what you need?
When I’m not what you would like to have?
I’m not all that fun
I don’t think life’s meant to be just fun
I just don’t think I’m what you’re looking for

I guess this is a goodbye
Cause what can you say
To make me feel as though you care
There’s things you can do
But I know you won’t

There’s things you can do to show me that you care
But I know that you never will
And you just don’t know what to say
And you don’t even know it
You don’t know what I need to hear
And you don’t even know it

So I guess it’s a goodbye
Why hang on to feelings we had before
Why hang on to feelings that aren’t there anymore?

1 comment:

Joao Pedro said...

Huh? You mean your not with that "Boy" anymore? hahaha I Thought so. He's not even your type!

That's alright! There's a lot of fishes in the sea. Who knows maybe this "New Love Interest" your saying is the one for you Babe!

Good Luck,