Sunday, May 27, 2007


Life's a journey it said, follow your path
All roads lead to home, home where the heart is
Trust your instincts, listen to your feelings
True love happens once, for everyone there is

The road is long, most of unpaved
Full of people met, passed and crossed on the way
Some bad, though most pleading selves good
Can't help but wonder, how I looked in their headlights

The path our road, pebbles rearranged in our dust
Made meaningful by cliché, fortune cookie soul sustenance
Written to make the vacant suffering somehow less
Existence reduced to hallmark, sent the very best

Consciousness, trapped in sealed caskets void but aware
Consciousness, passing through an endless silent to infinity
Conscious of the lack of final meaning, desperate to raise the lid
Emptiness felt, conscious softer for some by relinquished meaning

So you'll find me here on life's journey, following it's path
Taking every road home, home where my heart is
Trust my infallible instincts, listen to those correct feelings
Seek the true love sure to happen, as I'm everyone there is...

1 comment:

Charles said...

Just one of my sentimental moments...