Friday, May 18, 2007

New Beginning...

I'm so used to letting my fears control me, but today is the new beginning. I'm taking control of my fears and no longer letting them control me, today is the day where I embark on my new journey to my new destiny.

It starts with a new love interest, and next comes the career that I needed to have, then my new real friends, and finally, my family. I can feel myself changing and becoming someone new, someone that everyone won't be able to recongize after the transformation is complete. I'll be stronger, braver and more confident in me.

Today is definitely the start of a new beginning.

1 comment:

Joao Pedro said...

I am happy for you baby, who is your new love interest? :)

Congratulations to your new job at Accenture. I am so proud of you. Like I said God Blessed you inside and out.

Catch you later,