Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Yesterday and Today...

Yesterday... I went home at 6:30am from our Ultimate Crashing Swimming and Slumber Party at CGS. As soon as I git to my room, I went straight to bed and slept till 2pm.I went to the shower, had brunch watched TV, went online and went to my gym appointment.

Today... I wet to the gym super early nothing really special happened in the morning. Because when I came back from the gym, I went back to sleep. I woke up at 2:30pm. Texted Chris because I knew that we were going together but when I tried calling there was no answer. I had to make a quick decision so I took the taxi and head on to the Birthday party of our good friend Wiley.

When I got to Nebs. I called Klein and said that I was already downstairs. The guard did not let me inn because I kept on saying it was on the 19th floor. Oops silly me! Heller?! Its the 9th. hehehe... While at the elevator I told Klein that I was texting Chris but was not answering. Oh well probably he fell asleep.

As soon as we got to Nebs apartment sat a while and desided to cook the spaghetti. Preparation Preparation. It was cooked already... I texted Chris again saying that everybodies on their way but I haven't recieved a single text from him... Haay... Deep inside I was actually getting worried?! Hello I haven't recieved any text of what or where or whatever!!!

Pizza hut delivery came just in time for Jhon followed by Henry, Ed, Charles, and his boyfriend and then a few more minutes was Aisaku followed by Bam... I texted him again but still did not recieved anything... "DIBA NAKAKATUWA!"

8:30pm came and finally decided to go swimming! at first I was actually hesitant to go but might as well, to keep my mind away from my annoyance. Picture, Picture love the Pictures... Thanks to Henry, Bam and Neb. I completely forgotten what I was thinking a while ago.

After swimming. I wanted to hang out more with Neb, Wiley, Klein, and Aisaku. You know help them clean up etc etc... But then I decided to just go home with Henry and Jhon.

I got home at 12ish spoke to a friend on the phone so... Im good, Im OK now! In fact I've completely forgotten what happened to me today hahaha... Akin nalang yun!


Joao Pedro said...

So I see this is the guy you replaced me to. So is he better than me? Happy?


Charles said...

No he's not better than you... But he's good in many things hehehe... like this and that!