Thursday, June 14, 2007

Motherrr Has Spoken...

Beware of "CHEMICAL LOVE."

Being under the influence of alcohol, party treats, and the like can and will distort reality.Ahhhh.. the feeling of euphoria, of "LOVE", of ecstasy... What a feeling!!!

Abuse of any kind can be a danger to your physical being, but rarely do we talk about the consequences that the abuse can cause to our emotional state especially when it involves romance. Many of us have done it . I HAVE DONE IT -- Falling in love while being under the influence. Before we know it, we have committed ourselves to a relationship!! Then after the high is gone, are the feelings still there??? Reality check honey...

Beware of "CHEMICAL LOVE."

It is a golden rule NOT TO FALL IN LOVE while being under the influence. LOVE and CHEMICALS just do not mix! But LOVE based on reality and strenghtened by "real" challenges that couples face -- this is TRUE LOVE.
The same thing goes with friends. We need to have a reality check with the so called "friends" that we have AFTER the chemicals have subsided. I have a favorite quote: "Good friends ride with you in a Mercedes Benz, a GREAT friend will ride with you in a bus." Make sure your friends are there with or without chemicals, or with or without money.

I am not here to endorse chemical use because I am a firm believer in enriching your life first through inner happiness, self-acceptance, self-pride, and self-respect. Empower yourself first by focusing on your career, education, and your family. Focus on COMPLETING YOUR INNER SELF. Never depend on someone to COMPLETE YOU Coz it ain't happening childrennn. ONLY YOU CAN COMPLETE YOURSELF.

If you choose to use chemicals, that is truly YOUR BUSINESS. Just make sure you can afford it honey. BUT, before you even entertain "ROMANTIC LOVE" while being "chemicalized" (I just invented that word ), PINCH yourself in the ass first. Internalize and say to yourself -- THIS IS NOT REAL! 'Coz trust me.. IT AIN'T REAL.

Beware of "CHEMICAL LOVE."

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