Monday, June 25, 2007

Yesterday, Today, and the Other Day...

Yesterday... Or should I say "Last Night" we went to Trinoma this new Ayala land development in Quezon City. I was with Jeff and Jeffy. I was not really in a going out mood because I didn't get enough sleep due to super extreme partying... I was actually super crashing. I felt like I was so empty, as if I was a person who gave away all my energy, love, and emotions.

Last Night didn't really turn out bad. We met Henry, Jhon, Anna, and this "guy" who's a V.I.P at Palawan Disco bar. My best friend Henry gave me surprise gift... A 20 karat triangle divine divaness ring... All of the emptiness and sadness were gone. And was filled with joy and happiness. "Thanks Henry!"

After our intimate conversations by the Trinoma park watching people go back and forth in front of us. hahaha... We decided to go for dinner... We went to Silla this Korean restaurant to celebrate the opening of Gay Pride "Sanctuary of Love".

After dinner we went to Palawan... To see whats going on. The drag show was OK except for the super censored one Eww... Guess who else was there, and seated near the stage... It was the fashion director hahaha...

Today... I went home at 3:00am Jeff and Jeffy dropped me home. I fell asleep instantly... Woke up at 1:30pm just in time for breakfast. I was just planning to check my multiply but then just decided to blog all of my thoughts and happenings in my life.

The Other Day... It was effortless hehehe... Jhon Ogayon made me this white and gold empire cut evening gown. The performance together with the Hot Legs... Hmmm it was interesting.

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