Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and So on...

exasperation, your breath being sucked out of you
cold air stiffening your every step
running home fighting every second
adrenaline, your only friend
voice cracking hands shaking lips clenched tight
words rattling your brain, memories of conversations
eternally embedded into your subconscious mind
ugly things your mother said when you were young
words you could never shake
words that you became, just because you hate them so much
passion swarming in your blood
a house for your love
an outlet for creativity
your feeling yellow but so much that even the air feels wary of its existence
the stains on your fingers from smoking become more evident
the sanctuary you used to know now just a dream
the beauty you used to see now just a picture

a smile on your face somehow brings me down
shouldn't this work the other way around?
chatterbox laughing at a joke i used to know
i listen but am blank, just watch the moment go
they are good friends yes they warm my thoughts
swarming around, why is my stomach in a knot?
i choke out a half hearted laugh
maybe even smirk
inside i feel such wrath
i feel like such a jerk
witty and smug they are cozy and loved
never would touch a drug
i'm standing here right next to them
thoughts troubled with sin
they are laughing, smiling when
i feel i'm outside looking in.

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