Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vlada NYC

OMG! finally visited this place with friends, came in around nine PM, right after the happy hour. It was pretty empty. decided to stay for a while and in about an hour, by 10 the people started to come in. the most beautiful guys , I mean GORGEOUS!!! bY 10:30-11 the place was packed with awesome people. I saw the winner of the Top Model competition come in with an entourage, many familiar faces from the broadway scene, etc. what really blew me away was the flavored vodka! You must try the cranberry or peach martini!!! they have about 15, but I will try the rest on future visits. this place is a gem! I am a true fan! will make sure all my friends check it out. the place is sooo hot, they even have an ice bar to keep the drinks cold.

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