Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Hardest Thing...

Things in our existence, we are all bound to experience different emotions. The toughest things most of us will learn is when we let go of something or someone. As much as these experiences are dreadfully painful, I believe they are essential for us to correctly understand ourselves, and why we do things we do. When relationships head for the worst, people go through a collection of emotions, from the struggle to acceptance and finally to understanding. You must repeat these phase of emotions as necessary until you realize that life is going to be different now. The fear of change, feelings of loneliness and infatuation, and the thought of being free and alone scares me. I have been in many kinds of relationships in my life, play time, a close friend or a soul evoked love. They follow the same rules. A relationship has to be taken cared of, much like a plant without water, a relationship will wither and die if not nurtured the right way. A dash of understanding, a pinch of smiles and a cup of undivided attention is what we need to make it work. Love comes when we most expect it. It follows no rules. Just when you think you figured out the formula for love, it suddenly changes languages. Its sad to think that we only understand and appreciate love when it is no longer there. Even if you think you cared for that person too much when you were together, when its over you almost feel it more. You’d end up reminiscing the past that were happiest. No I say to you, get off the couch, breath once again and live. For that is why we’re here, to experience, to understand and learn. There will be more loves in your life, some big some small and you will be happy someday. So never give up your faith in love or in yourself for it will be okay. I promise. Thank you for sharing your self to me.

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