Thursday, February 8, 2007

Loving Half Heartedly...

Falling in love is such a wonderful feeling. But love is diverse when you are willing to do anything to make it last. We have to steer the boat harder to keep the relationship into a safe harbor.
compromise in a relationship is necessary, but denying who you are is not. we cannot love what we don’t know yet, the real you! I hate to think that the outcome of such a relationship is usually a heart-broken, with no one to blame but yourself.

Most of us experience this when we are in a half hearted relationship. In this relationship we withhold affection until the evidence is in, that the other is hooked. I’ll love you, if you love me. Fearing that you will give more love than you receive, we put our partner on probation. You want to control the power and maintain the advantage in this relationship. we judge them according to our expectations and we count on how they measures up

We usually hear people saying that the head was placed higher than the heart for a reason, but I think we should still listen to our heart, for it is so much smarter than we are. When it feels right, feel the fear and love anyway. Love without hesitation and with all your heart. There will never be a fearless way of loving. It is true that choosing the wrong partner is always a trail and error, but don’t let your fear of rejection kill your desires. You may have stared in the face of love before. But there’s always a chance to find a new one.

Love is a choice and if you choose it wholeheartedly, you are never going to lose it. Love teaches us to become a better you. Restore your faith in love and become emotionally available to each other. Put your fears behind and face reality. Become lovable by being loving. Learn to trust by trusting yourself. Giving in to love does not mean losing yourself. Yet, even when it is safe to open your heart, you may feel weakened by the anxiety that this love will be gone.

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