Monday, February 26, 2007

Lean and Sexy?!...

I went to the gym today at the spa and fitness club at the Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza... I started with stretching followed by threadmill and then sit ups. When I was doing my power walk at the threadmill as soon as I got off from the machine, It felt like I lost so much sweat and felt a little dizzy from exhaustion. The trainer said to take a 1 minute break. and then eventually did my sit-ups. After that I went to the steam room and then took a bath, had fruit shakes with my friend and our trainer.

We had our fruit shakes at the Cafe Plaza the hotels coffee shop. The trainer "Ben" was very professional he said he will be really strict since I said that he should teach me the things that I needed to know about having a nice body...

I have to control myself now... Not to eat to much, more fiber and nutricious food. Next week I'm starting my new diet plan I need to do this for health reasons and I'm doing all of this to become who I used to be. Lean and sexy...

I'm so exhausted now... I feel like my legs are still shaking from the cardiovascular work out that I did earlier. Tomorrow will be another day... another day for self beautification.


'DSlayer said...

hi charles, yeah, i've been reading ur blogs, i just dont leave comments coz i enjoy reading it.:)

good ting ur hitting the gym, just felt sad when u said that ur having second thoughts of coming back, please don't. ur body is still adjusting to the gym activities that u have been doing, once it gets used to it, d na sasakit yan.

follow ur trainer's advice, it's for ur own good,ayt?


Charles said...


You're so right... Im off to the gym now. I'm doing this for myself and not for other people.

Thank you for everything.