Thursday, February 22, 2007

What do you think?...

I just had this thing to think about... I texted my friends about the topic that we should talk about when we see each other for our annual slumber party... But there was this topic that really sinked in, it was about me taking the next level of my existence. Would you consider a change to what you look like, to have a leaner and delicious body. As in total make over.

Then I had a sudden flash back, remembering what a good friend told me. Exact words: "Ate?! Papano?! Kilala ka na?! Your popular?! Your the Queen?! The QUEEN of Government." "You can never hide from that?!" "Yun ka na?!".

Am I that?! Oh my gosh?! The Queen part! OK That is just a title... I am also a person who is also looking for someone to be with... Someone who will accept who I am. But their is always the question WHO?!

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