Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Yesterday, Today, and the Other Day...

Yesterday... I was really amazed again, It was my first time to sit by the stairs of a building with a yogurt drink in the residential part of Makati, while waiting for our friends to come... I never thought of doing that. It was always done by meeting them in a cafe or at the lobby of the apartment. While sitting down, the feeling is just like summer in New York City at the stair way of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Sitting with a date and eating my poppy seed bagel with samon cream cheese and a battle of perrier spring water those days was just "Fantabulous!", two-in-one fantastic and fabulous at the same time. and I did that here, but in a different setting. Sweet but Amazing.

Today... I woke up just in time went to the office spoke to people and went to my luncheon. I just hate it when their late. I got home at 1:30pm. Had a conference with my super friends Mikee and Lawrence about matters from the heart. I feel empty so today... I guess I just parteed really hard time to hit the Spa.

The Other Day... I attended a party of Bebe Hernandez at Paseo Park View Makati with my Mamita. We both had a wonderful time except for the Bb. Pilipinas part headed by Amentia. Josh has done it again. Thats why we cant be in the same room together. After party was at Club Government. Strange! It wasn't really that packed. I guess the Charles Carpio story did it. That's ok atleast I we were there for the support. Everybody was looking for partee... Too bad Im the only one who can get some. hehehe

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