Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Long Weekend at Galera...

Wednesday... Jhon and Henry texted me about a favor... They wanted me to stop by Government to get the Tarps for their event at Galera tomorrow to Saturday. Well I did, even though it took me forever to get there. After that trip I needed to stop by to see a really good friend of mine to pick up Stacy. So I can bring her along to Galera.

I got home around 5:30pm I received another text from Henry asking me if we could tag along Brit so he can get to Galera just in time for his set on Friday. I wasn't sure what to reply since I did not know who will be in charge of the transportation of our group. I texted Red if we could take Brit to Galera. So we did.

Thursday... Brit came to the house by 1:30am. We stayed at my room till Red and Dale came. 2:30am Brit and I went to downstairs, just in time that Red and Dale to come.

We got to the Pier at 5ish Dale was going ballistic because of Mark not coming on time. I have one thing to say about Dale, he is what I say, "A Mouth Full of Impoliteness".

We arrived the island at 10ish I think, had breakfast and proceeded to our 1st day activity. We went snorkeling. Then we ate lunch in an Italian restaurant located in another island. After that late lunch we all went back to the Hotel to rest.

We had our dinner then had drinks at Zanzi. and of course after cocktails Red and I had to party with Stacy.

Friday... We woke up just in time for our trip to the tamaraw falls. But then this Jeremy guy wanted to go to another one which was the Tunkuran falls one hour away from the 1st one. So far so good they decided to just stay there.

As soon as we went back to the hotel we had to take our beauty rest. I was going to but Mother Henry came to visit... Henry was so drunk didn't even remember that he didn't bring his slippers hahaha...

12:30am we went to Zanzi to support Brits set. Of course we had to be with Stacy again. Since its Reds last day on the Island.

Saturday... I didn't sleep well that morning because I thought about Red leaving that day and wouldn't want to be there to see him leave. That afternoon Brit came to come with me to go sun bathing but he was invited by Jeremy to join their Banana Boat ride.

I did'nt want to go banana boating because I wasn't really in for that. Instead I went sun bathing by myself with amesia. During sun bathing I felt like I was going to crash already thought about things that I was not supposed to think about. After an hour under the sun I've decided to go back to the hotel to sleep. Josh walked me to the hotel because he wanted to partake on the remaining shrums that I had. Josh left then a few minutes the rest of the gang came. I went to the end of the garden facing the beach. I was looking at the beauty of the island. Then all of a sudden this song played. It was shinning star. I couldn't stop myself feeling the song. It was such a beautiful song. I never really thought of it as the song that's right for me. I felt my eyes where getting heavy. Tears where rushing down my cheeks. It was time for me to leave for a while and just be alone, I decided to just play I was alright. I told them I was going to get a drink at Zanzi's.

On the way to Zanzi... I saw friends of mine. I just completely ignored them and continue walking. When I got to Zanzi's. I saw Marguex, Tootsie and Danilo and Lotto, drinking on the bar. I sat near them and ordered a margarita. After two glasses of margarita's there was this straight couple who knew me from government and offered me to drink with them because they saw me drinking by myself. I got so drunk and just decided to go home to take a power nap before dinner. Surprisingly Red called, asking me to to get Stacy as a party mate.

I was so happy when I heard from him that he's not leaving anymore. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to be with you again. It really meant so much to me. So once again we parteed the night away.

Sunday... Sunday morning was spent dancing and story telling with Red and his love life. It was another one of those one on one conversations that I love. It was another chapter of "Intimate Conversations with Charles". We did not have enough time though because we needed to get our stuff ready for the check out and we had to also wait for the boat to come to pick us up.

The time came that I needed to go back to reality... On the way home Red was driving, I didn't know what to tell him since that I felt I have lost all of my brain cells. I've never felt so empty and lost of words to say. We'll manage. hahaha.

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