Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On Love and Compromise...

How far can one go as far as compromising is concerned? It all depends on the person actually. We may all have different priorities in life, but compromise always comes in when dealing with our loved ones.

Ok fine, there's absolutely nothing wrong with gaining friends and all that. but there are other means of meeting up with people. It's cool to watch a movie and have dinner with someone . . . That is if you're single or you're doing it with your partner. But if you're committed, it's another story.

It forfeits the purpose of having a relationship. You may not have any intentions of doing something that would ruin your relationship, but there are other ways of gaining friends and meeting up with people. Not even a dinner-movie date with someone else when you're totally committed to someone.

Knowing the fact that it might hurt your partner so much, common sense would tell you not to do it anymore. Would you still do something that you are aware that would hurt your loved ones? Because from where I came from, of course I won't.

It's not that you are trying to completely change a person, it's a matter of adjusting for your partner and meeting halfway. This is not about extreme jealousy..... But simply because it's not right, and I'm not trying to be so idealistic.

It's very simple and I hope I'm not asking for too much. All I wish for is that he wouldn't do anything that he knows would hurt me because I can't even begin to think doing something that would even upset him to say the least. He means so much I'm being so very careful of my actions and what I say... On a lighter note, I'm just so happy NOW of what I have.

He is still my utmost source of happiness, my better half, my life.
though sometimes I wish he'd be a lot sweeter and more affectionate.
a lot of things are going inside my mind. the things I wish I'd be doing together... Like travelling to different places, trying out new things like scuba diving, riding a hot air balloon hahahahaha!, getting a place of my own, going to Mass together, etc. LOTS of things... And I'm working on it, trust me!

How far can I go for this relationship? Ever knew how far manila from the moon Triton? How far can you go? Honestly I have no idea... All I know is that I seriously like him so much, no one could ever fathom but only "I".

How far can you go for someone? . . .


Martini Addict said...

hi ateh,
im constantly in the loop with your blog... as much as i want to advice you on love and intimacy, i dont think i could. i'm also in a state wherein i'm lost and down. but i know for sure that if it doesn't kill us, it will make us stronger...take it as a lesson for with love, no experience is enough to make a person smart. miss u! take care!

Charles said...

thank you very much... i needed that! love you...