Sunday, February 24, 2008

Later part of the story...

JOURNAL: Office 1

After swapping with someone from another team I had to go on duty on my day off's which was Wednesday and the other day... Well last wednesday got up at around 7pm to prepare for my shift at the office as soon as I was ready told the driver to drop me off at the office... Psychologically lazy since that, that day was my day off. All dressed up for work as in wearing my office couture.

Got to the office in just in time. My work station was changed I was located on the corner next to a large window facing Ortigas. My own work station in my own section. Haay... there was only one word to discribe what that situation was "NAKAKALUNKOT!" imagine being just the only tenure agent located on an empty section on the far end of the building.

A few minutes later after setting up my tools... Julio our new team mate he said: "My duty kadin?" I said yes why are you here aren't you supposed to be off? He said: Hindi eh kasi I just did last week so I had to be on duty transition period. So I said Oh... Okay! God is good hehehe.

1:00am came and I was taking calls as usual my Ex-Crush "Christian" the guy that I liked here at the office walked by... He gave me a glance well of course I didn't really say anything but he looked as if that he wanted to tell me something... I can feel that he has something to say but something is just holding him back...

Seriously... I am not over him as in... But I know in mind that he and I can never be together because its just not meant to be... Haay sayang... Kainis... No matter how many times we keep away from each other there are just intances that we cross paths... Chaka... Pilikula!!!

I'm on my lunch break now... In 4 minutes I have to be online again and take calls...

Going back last wednesday I got super ugly calls the whole day ang chaka!!! I got 2 sup calls which was not resolved...

Next day was just yesterday... SAME STATION, SAME CRAP, SAME CALLS... hahaha... Yesterday was different our section was populated by Nesting the new be's. Questions was here and there because their was just one floor support and there are atleast 20 people on nesting so I had to help him with the support that they needed...

Lunch time... Had lunch with my other friends here at work Donna, Love, and Dia... They know about my issue with Chris... We were having girl talks about Chris then Donna said: "Haay Naku Charles... Deadma huwag mo aksayahan ng panahon yang minchu nayan tingnan mo! as in pag nakita mo isnobbin mo at talikuran mo!"

After lunch at the smoking lounge... What a coinsidence... Chriswas there with RC another friend of ours... RC said Hi! to me Chris was there so smoking... Shit now is my chance... RC: Charles oh ano na?! kelan ang inuman natin!... Charles: Ikaw sige set natin... RC: Sa inyo... Charles friend ko si Chris... ... Oh my gosh he didn't know that we know each other I gave him a grin. Oops excuse me then sabay talikod! hahaha bastos! Good thing another friend of mine came and said hi. Shit... It really felt good shit super winner yun hahaha

On my way home fixed my station fixed everything as I stood up I never knew my station was close to his, ano ba? What's up with that? Everywhere I go I see him... Before going home I decided to go to the rest room to wash my hands and to take off my sweater... On the way out... As I opened the door there he was again... I didn't say anything but then I just went my way.

I went to the office early today because I know that our work stations have been changed. Finally we were assigned at the right side by the wall instead of the one by the window usually if your on the window side it gets hot when the morning sun is setting. Anyway of course I got to the office early to avoid system issues since its a new station.

I am here right now in my new station and guess what! Across my section is Chris's station. It is so hard to look on my left side because when I do he is there.... Hay putang ina!

Why am I even thinking about this... What do you think?! Shit?! Is it unfinished business or what do you think?

Wait to be continued... Log out nako have to go home! See you later!

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Charles said...

magulo sya in fairness... anyway kayo na bahala umintindi!